Monday Morning – Week 4 Review

Week 4 is over, and it was the stickiest, sweatiest, most uncomfortable Sunday of kickball we’ve played all season! I watched The Rowdies fall to The Squids at Edgewood during a nearly two hour game.  The Squids had control of the game early on, not allowing a single run until the bottom of the 8th.  Despite the large gap in scoring, there still were a few interesting calls, most notably The Jose Canseco moment where a Rowdie unintentionally bumped a ball over the fence allowing a Love Garden homer.  That insanely long (and extremely fun) game was followed by one of the bigger upsets of the night, between Lawrence Gang Green and The Late Fees.  The Fees took an early four point lead in the first and held it until the cops were called on us by some jerk neighbor who wrongly accused us of pissing in her lawn–I can say with confidence that only one child urinated on their overgrown fence, the rest of us used a nearby creek.  The cop gave us a friendly lecture about public urination, drinking in a public park, kicking balls into private yards, and then left us with a warning.  It was at this moment that we saw a shift in the game, and Lawrence Gang Green would kick several homers over a few innings into the newly-off-limits backyards.  They would eventually win in the bottom of the ninth with a questionable defensive call at third by a certain ref I’ve been in the face of before.  The whole game left me feeling sour, but Lawrence Gang Green kicked some amazing deep kicks that definitely justified their 1 point victory over The Fees.  A heartbreaking loss for The Fees, but a fucking great game.

How was your game? What’s on your mind as we near the half-way point of the 2011 KVKL regular season? Will this be the end of Edgewood?


Coach Billy Gay Cyrus


This was the only thing that could cheer me up after last night’s exhausting Late Fees game: