Monday Morning – Week 6 Review


Week 6 is in the bag, and it was a fucking hot one.  At 5:31pm over at Holcolm the heat index reached 116 degrees, but by the 7pm game a little cloud coverage and a decent breeze made all the difference.  I saw the TellerDactyls take on Wilt Chamberlain, two pretty evenly matched (and very attractive) teams.  Tellers had the lead at first and held it for several innings, but it only took a few perfectly placed kicks and aggressive running for The Stilts to take control and win it.  The highlight of the game was probably the TellerDactyls’ constant screeching, the low point was some Wilt Chamberlain public urination.  During our 5:30 game The Fees played solid defense but struggled offensively for the first few innings.  We had a substantial lead for most of the game, but the Corksuckers have some great players and quietly inched back, losing by a mere five points.  These guys will only get better as the season progresses, and should be a viable threat by tournament time.  It looks like there were plenty of badass games this weekend.  I’d like to hear about some of the closer games: Sacred Sword’s one point victory over Asteroid Head, Dirty Mike’s two point loss to The Brew Ballers, Lawrence Gang Green’s one point win over Weavers, Red Lyon’s one point loss to Slowride, and Wildman’s two point win over Space Pussy.  And how many times did the ball get kicked over the Holcolm Left fence during Starbar vs. Channel 6? I think I had to stop the Holcolm Right play four times to return their game ball.

Chime in and let us know how your game went!

Congratulations to Erin on winning the Hammerica Prize Pack, from last week’s contest. There was a three-way tie for 1st, and she had the closest combined score of the Game of the Week.  Josh Hunt only got thirteen picks right, but deserves to be congratulated on getting the combined score of the Game of the Week EXACTLY right! Good work dudes!

Yeah buddy,

Coach Billy Gay Cyrus