Monday Morning – Week 7 Review

Kris from the Barracudas had a bottle of whiskey at home plate while we were officiating, needless to say I slept in a little late today.  I’m short on time, so I’ll power through this.  Divisional play is over and we saw plenty of good games, and several upsets.  The Replay Rowdies claimed the No. 2 spot in their pool for the second year in a row, after taking down the excellent Screamers team.  Former champs Los Luchadores avoided their first ever losing streak with a win over The Red Lyon team.  One of the bigger surprises of the night was Slowride kicking Chalmersiz down to the No. 2 spot in the John Brown Pool. It looks like that was low scoring game that went down to the wire, can’t wait to hear about it.  At Lyons West I saw The Corksuckers take on Lawrence Gang Green.  The Corksuckers had a slow start to the game, but eventually came into form and took advantage of the Green’s nine person defense, winning with a comfortable six run lead.  The Late Fees took on The Ghosts during the 7pm game at Lyons West.  The Fees had an early four point lead that we held for several innings before they loaded the bases and kicked a ball over our heads, tying it up.  We inched our way back up with a few runs every inning and entered the 9th with a substantial six point lead. The Ghosts didn’t give up, and they nearly killed us in the bottom of the 9th.  They brought the game within one point before we made the final out.  The Ghosts had two great offensive innings, but it wasn’t enough to get their first win over The Late Fees.  That’s all I got, let’s hear about your games!!!


Coach Billy Gay Cyrus

Congrats on your first ever Game of the Week Cougar!