So I thought it might be prudent to utilize a different sort of ranking system now that we are essentially in new pools for the second half of the season. Keep in mind this is purely subjective and I’d love for some other people to post their thoughts, but this is how i see the talent pools breaking down as of right now.

*editor’s note: i’ve realized after the fact that the name’s although not intentioned this way, may sound a little dickish, but i’ve decided to leave them since the one day i had an entirely dickish post there were like 80+ views.

Most Talented
1. Pita Pit
2. First Blood
3. Love Garden
4. Jazzhaus
5. Eastsiders
6. Sacred Sword (special awards should be given for assuming the role of villains for no fucking reason).

More Talented
1. Tellers
2. Eldridge
3. Rangelife (almost a tie in my opinion with eldridge)
4. Das Boot
5. Red Lyon
6. Brew Ballers

1. Screamers
2. Liberty Hall
3. Astrokitty
4. Mad Greek
5. Yellow Sub
6. Weavers

We’ll call this the “fun” tier
1. Slow Ride
2. Channel 6 (great things from a first year team)
3. Replay
4. Wildman
5. BCP
6. Miltons

“How drunk were they” tier
1. Kicking Coasters (Tie)
1. Open Sky (kept some tough games very close)
3. Free State
4. Girls with LSD
5. Lady Lumps (tie)
5. Solidarity

please if you are reading this i would encourage some other rankings in the comments on this.