Post-season Ideas, lets get this discussion going.

Apparently it is a good week to visit kickball blogging sites, because all 4 of you that look at this thing have visited Sunday(s) in the Park a record breaking!!!! 150+ times (this record is unsubstantiated and most likely affected by my urge to check for comments every 3.67 minutes give or take). With that in mind, I figured what would be a better time to start a friendly conversation on how everything thinks we should have the post-season tournament structured this year.

It was mentioned during the most recent captain’s meeting that there are some who are looking into the possibility of having a 2 loss elimination tournament this year. I think this is an absolutely amazing idea, because it gives some of the teams who may not be the most competitive a second shot at playing some games. Lets be honest, some of the most entertaining games are fought between the teams that probably aren’t going to make it past round 1 or 2. This will also create a better situation for the more competitive games also, as the refs will be more interested in kickball if they aren’t 2 or 3 weeks removed from the season when they are reffing.

I think the easiest way to accomplish this would be to take the teams who lost in rounds 1/2 and put them in a separate “bragging rights” bracket at that point to see who comes out on top, however i also think that is a fairly boring suggestion and would like to see if there is a pooling system, or non single loss advancement system that someone thinks could work when applied to our little community.

i haven’t really fleshed anything out as structuring tournaments is something that i’ve simply never done, but i’d love to hear what everyone thinks about a possible change to the post-season tourney to keep more people involved.