Pre Pre Season Tournament Overall Rankings

Below are merely my speculative thoughts on how things will pan out in pool play for the first couple weeks of the season. I’d love it if some other people chimed in and told me what they thought, or just that I’m an idiot for ranking their team so low. Reallistically i just want to see a comment as noone seems to be paying attention to this blog and it hurts my feelings. i’m pretty sure if you could hear an echo through the internet that would be the only thing drowning out the crickets right now.

John Brown Pool 1. Pita Pit   2. Free State  3. Blue Collar Press 4. Astrokitty 5. Henry’s

James Naismith Pool 1. First Blood  2. Red Lyon  3. Mad Greek  4. Slowride Roadhouse  5. Open Sky Landscaping (although i’ve heard these guys have played around with their lineup and might change things up).

Carrie A Nation Pool  1. Jazzhaus 2. Yellow Sub  3. West Coast Saloon 4. Channel 6 Toepokes (no real reason for this ranking) 5. 23rd street Brewery

William S Burroughs  1. Sacred Sword (no brainer) 2. Miltons  3. Girls W/ Low self esteem (recent lineup changes)  4. Liberty Hall  5. Tellers

Lucy Hobbs Taylor Pool  1. Love Garden (lets hope they don’t implode with all of that talent)  2. eldridge (i wanted so badly to put in 3rd :P)  3. replay  4. weavers  5. solidarity

Langston Hughs Pool  1. Eastsiders  2. Wildman Vintage  3. Rangelife  4. Screamers  5. Miss Fortunes