Rank this……

Alright, Coug, I cheated.  I waited to put up some rankings until AFTER your RPI.  These will represent how I see the tournament brackets thus far.  Monday’s will be more definitive.  Keep in mind, the KVKL bracket effectively uses the 1-28 ranking.  So, please don’t read into the vertical columns I’ve placed the teams.  Each real bracket will be far more jumbled.  I’ll use this format as a guide surrounding any imminent decisions re: bracketology.  This will help ME (along with….in no particular order….overall record, division record, how I think each team relates to it’s similarly seeded cousins, and the RPI) try and figure out team placement.

1. Sun Creations 1. Jazzhaus 1. The Eldridge 1. Jayhawk Guttering

2. Screamers 2. Eastsiders 2. Sacred Sword 2. Teller’s

3. Love Garden 3. Rangelife Recs 3. Red Lyon 3. Free State Brew Co

4. Yellow Sub 4. Mad Greek 4. Liberty Hall 4. Blue Collar Distro

5. Astrokitty 5. Weavers 5. Brew Ballers 5. Dead Cats

6. Open Sky 6. West Coast Saloon 6. Replay 6. Slowride

7. Larry’s Buzz 7. Moustaches 7. Girls w/ L.S.E. 7. Solidarity