Redos, revenge, and blowouts

The chart below shows how teams would finish in each division based on last year’s performance against their division foes.

Lines with arrows indicate actual games played, lines with no arrow mean no game was played – in those cases, I used seedings from last year to determine where to place a team. That is why Liberty Hall is in the middle of their ladder without having played anyone from their division last year; Rats are at the bottom.

There are 112 divisional games, 39 of those will be rematches from last year – tournament games included. Out of those 39 games, 14 were decided by 4 runs or less, 13 were decided by 5 to 9 runs, and 12 games were decided by 10 runs or more.

These games will be a good indicator of how teams improve or how teams implode this year.