Refereeing Clinic to be held Sunday 4/26

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while folks, but the neglect will cease here and now.

First and foremost, I would like to make sure that everyone knows there is a Reffing Clinic to be held at the Douglas County Fairgrounds (19th and Harper) on Sunday 4/26 at 5:00pm. Although I doubt there are too many new teams checking out the unofficial KVKL blog, I do think that the clinic is great for new players and probably is needed by a couple of returning players who reffed some of my games last year. With that in mind I would urge anyone reading this to come on out put some ref knowledge in that brain.

Secondly, the captains of the league met at the lovely Eldridge hotel this past Tuesday and got some information on how things are going to be run this year along with some information about rule changes/strengthening. One of the bigger change-ups, is that we will no longer be using South Park as we are moving in a slightly more dirt field direction. I think giving South Park a year to breathe is probably going to do a lot for the park, or at least our reputation with the City regarding how the park is taken care of. With that in mind please remember players that we are attempting to avoid using South Park for not only games but also practices so that we can definitively say at the end of the year that we are doing our part to keep Lawrence’s flagship park in good shape. The Other huge change is that we are no longer a 4 division league folks, rather a league divided into six separate but equal pools of 5 teams. This was done in an effort to even out some of the skill levels and afford each team a chance at a challenging/rewarding season. Basically, you play all of the teams in your pool, and then the rest of the season is broken down into playing teams based on the ranking you’ve achieved in your own pool.

The next series of changes are related to punishment when people are not doing what is required. there are a couple of things that need to be done when we play these games, specifically: picking up of trash whether it be yours, your fans, or someone completely unrelated as it is not fair to leave the responsibility to whomever on the board has to close down the park that night, secondly, send 2 refs to all of your games, compotent refs that aren’t texting is also a plus (we are now adding a ref for each game to control the score/lineup), thirdly, pick up and return the gear, Home Team of the first game has to pick up the gear, winner of the last game has to take it back to the garage NO LOLLIGAGGING!!!! people have to wait on that gear to come back and they want to be at the game of the week just as much as you. I feel bad that this paragraph has to even exist as we are all adults who should be able to handle our own business, however it wasn’t happening entirely and this year the penalties will be enforced.

Okay, sorry for the uptade being in semi-lecture form. On a lighter note, WHO IS READY FOR SOME EFFING 2009 KICKBALL!!! THE BEST THREE MONTHS OF THE YEAR ARE FASTLY APPROACHING AND I NEED SOMEONE TO FIX MY CAPS LOCK KEY!!!!!!!!!