Rules of the game / Week 3 lines

I meant to put this up before the season, after the ref clinic.

I wish I had a better reason for missing my own deadline, but I don’t. I was waiting for a response from the MLB in regards to my written request to use its logo. Request ignored. Bud Selig might or might not hate kickball – he might or might not see it as direct competition to the baseball fan base. Or I might have sent my request to the wrong Bud Selig.

No need to memorize all those annoying little rules now (except for the ones that I excluded).

kvklrulesMoving on.

Big picture, I’m not sure if week 2 is an anomaly or a transition into a new phase of the league – better defense resulting in lower scores. It was windy, but there have been weeks like that before, and it never seemed to affect the games like last week.

I’m going to whip out some third grade graphing skills for a sec.


The league scored 264 runs last week. That would have been the lowest total on a Sunday for all of last year. The lowest scoring weekend last season was 285 runs on week 6. This is the main reason the over/unders were so off the mark last week. (That and bad intel.)

I expect the total runs to climb back up this week.

Favorite Line Underdog O/U total runs
Abraxas 14 Jazzhaus 22
Love Garden 13 BP Tigers 22
Reign of Terror 13 Tellerdactyls 20
Slowride 12 Harper Valley 16
Goats 11 Free State 22
After Party!! 10 Rats 23
Hurtz Donut 9 Ghosts 15
Das Boot 8 Toe Pokes 17
Chalmersiz 7 Balls Deep 18
Asteroid Head 7 $P@C3Pu$$y! 26
Wildman 7 Rockets 20
Corksuckers 6 West Coast 22
Los Matadores 6 MUrda 25
Screamers 4 Liberty Hall 16
Brew Ballers 3 Dirty Mike 21
Happy Shirt 3 Red Lyon 17