Seedings and such.

First off, congrats to Jazzhaus for beating the Eastsiders.  I was able to see most of the game and it was quite compelling.  Jazzhaus is a top tier squad that deserves high marks for this win.  While the Eastsiders may have not played their best game, I’m positive they would tell you they had their chances.  Jazzhaus did more to win.  This game was for first place and a top seed.  That leads to…

seedings.  Oh, this should be fun.  The KVKL Board gets to decide the seedings for the coming playoffs.  What does this mean?  All 28 teams will be broken into 4 brackets.  Each bracket will have a 1 thru 7 seed.  The 1 seed gets a bye during (and ONLY) the 1st round of games.  So in each respective bracket, there will be 3 games in the 1st round with the top seed awaiting round 2.  There will be 2 games (in that bracket) during round 2 and so on.  Make sense?  That’s the easy part to figure really.  The more difficult task will be to assign teams a number relating to a team’s accomplishments and figuring out what days we’re going to play (a previous post).  Division record, overall record, and (yikes) RPI will all figure into a team’s seed.  Rankings WILL NOT figure into seedings as they largely subjective. 

Jazzhaus is, for all intensive purposes, a 1 seed from the James Naismith Division.  They can finish no worse than 9-1.  Even if they lost this weekend, I assume they would have the same Division record as the Eastsiders but hold the head-to-head tie break (both teams would have a 5-1 record, but Jazzhaus defeated the Eastsiders).  Looking at the standings, only Jazzhaus and Jayhawk Guttering have 1 seeds locked up.  If JG lost, they still have the head-to-head tie breaks with Red Lyon, Free State and no worse than 7-3/5-1 record.  That’d be good enough for the John Brown Division.  Sun Creations and Screamers are playing for a 1 seed and maybe the top 2 seed (similar argument) in the Langston Hughes Division, so that’s easy.  The William S. Burroughs Division is a more peculiar issue.  Let’s say Rangelife beats Eldridge and the Sword wins.  That leaves Eldridge at 8-2/5-1 and the Sword at 9-1/5-1.  Strange.  My first inclination would be to give Eldridge the 1 and Sword the 2.  Eldridge did beat the Sword for the head-to-head tie break.  Looks funny considering the records.  Eldridge wins, no issue.  Just to go further into debt, if Rl does win (7-3/4-2) and Love Garden wins (6-4/4-2), there’s a similar issue (LG beat Rl).  There will be a few instances of this.  What to do?  We’ll have to figure much of this out on Wednesday at our meeting.  Thoughts, comments, suggestions?  Thanks guys, hope you had a great weekend!  Any heat illnesses/injuries to report?