Seven games remain.

For some, seven is too few.  For others, seven is WAY too many.  I’m somewheres in the middle.  A BIG hats off to the twenty teams who fought hard but did not prevail this past weekend.  Let the healing commence.  You now get to choose your pick of the litter for the coming weekend action.  Or, you can choose to rest your weary bodies (from the hardships of a brutal 12 week KVKL season) away from the games.  If kickball is what you desire, don’t forget about the semis at Lyons around 7:00.  Four of the best teams in the league going head-to-head, TWO GAMES AT ONCE……..almost too good to be true.

Are you thinking about next year yet?  Maybe a glance towards off-season acquisitions or a trimming of that bulging roster?  For me, the off-season is 33.3% of the fun: the ‘where did we go wrong, what did we do right’ analysis, the rumour mills, the flirtations with potential teammates, and the rampant bickering about rules.  I CAN’T WAIT.  More about ALL that IN the off-season.

A great thing about the quarter-finals is that they are all on grass.  So, the champion has to display a competence on both surfaces.  Last year during the playoffs, the champions never left the dirt.  We’ll see if it helps/hurts the underdogs.  By the way, who are the underdogs?  For whom are you rooting?  Are you hoping for an Eastsiders/Love Garden rematch?  Who would you least like to see win?  Do tell.

If you’d like to read/hear Gavon Laessig, Coug and I prattle on about the KVKL be sure and check out the Ballin’ Idols (Monday) article/podcast on (podcast-40 some odd minutes). (text) Enjoy?