Six Games With Three Combined Losses in Four Weeks

For starters, drink the freakin’ water!  Sunday is going to be a real heater.  Be sure to take down lots of fluids, especially if you had a few adult beverages this weekend.  It’s not even July yet and we’re looking at 100 plus heat.

Is anyone else as excited as I am for this week’s game lineup?  I wish I had a flux capacitor and a basement full of plutonium because I’d like to do some time traveling to check out a bunch of these games.  Other than a couple scary innings in our game against Channel 6 a couple of weeks ago I haven’t seen many competitive kickball games this season.

There are actually 17 games this week instead of the usual 16 due to a rescheduled game between Pita Pit (4-0) and the Chalmeriz (4-0), 4:00 at Holcom Left. And like a blissful fool I signed myself up to be out during the worst heat of the day to ref.  So be it, I’m excited to see these two teams clash.

Other games of interest to me are, in no particular order:

Wildman Attack Force (4-0) vs. Liberty Hall (3-1) 5:30 @ The Fairgrounds;

Barracudas (4-0) vs. Screamers (3-1) 7:00 @ The Fairgrounds;

Sacred Sword (3-1) vs. Das Boot (4-0) 7:00@ Holcom Left;

Red Lyon (4-0) vs.Love Garden (4-0) 7:00@ Holcom Right; and

Shaolin Shadowboxers (4-0) vs. the Goats (4-0) 5:30 @Broken Arrow

If you’re free and want to see some good kickballing just make your way to any of these games and you’ll be in for a treat. These games will be competitive, but let’s remember that we’re friends so let’s keep sportsmanship in mind.  When things get out of hand, you could end up injured, injured bad.  But you don’t have to take it from me.  Let my brother from another mother school you on the negative things that can result from losing your temper.