Some separation?

Part I – Games decided by five runs or less = five.  That’s FIVE of FOURTEEN or 36%.  That means 64% of the games were decided by more that five runs.  The other nine games were decided by an average run differential of SIXTEEN.  Hell, even the All Star game was lopsided (+12).  Are you kidding?  Anyone want to argue that there aren’t (at least) two classes of teams in this league?  To be fair, Free State only lost by six to Jazzhaus.  Further, Jayhawk Guttering and Love Garden each won by plus twenty thus inflating the differential number.  Take those two games out and the average was ONLY thirteen.  I guess that’s better.  Honestly, I’ve played in a few kickball games and I remember the losses by thirteen or more runs.  Doesn’t keep me up at night, but you get the picture. 

More eye-popping numbers: after week five, the top twelve combined records are 39 and 9 (.813).  The bottom twelve combined records are, you guessed it, 8 and 40 (.200).  Now, I’m a Royals fan so I’m accustomed to the latter.  That doesn’t mean I have to like the results. 

Please note, I AM NOT picking on the teams whose records are not amongst the top twelve.  I am, however, merely pointing out that there may be a better way to move forward for future seasons.  No one is to blame, we have a good schedule drawn from resources available to the league.  To some, this isn’t considered an issue.  This is merely a by-product of having various teams with varying degrees of ability.  Fine.  And, in some teams, we do see examples of trickle down kickball-o-nomics (teams becoming substantially better), others less so.  Hmm, how much of that is scheduling?  As I’ve noted in previous posts, breaking the final four has been statistically unlikely for ANY new teams.  I, for one, truly believe there are ways to spread success more equitably for those who wish to play competitive matches and those who do not.  Let’s call it the liberalising of the KVKL, shall we?  If he were alive, I can imagine William F. Buckley recoiling in disgust at the thought of…..GASP!…..managing assets.  Patriotism check? 

Part II will come later this week.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?  Comments?  Anybody see or hear about Coug’s weekend spreads?  The kid has a gift with numbers.   

Hope you all had a great weekend!  Please rank your top fifteen (below).