Something new….

There’s talk amongst league elders concerning up-and-coming teams with an eye toward the future.  The KVKL is always looking for new, talented teams to challenge the upper echelon.  Simply put, it would be nice to view different teams in the championship.  This notion of parity would give every team reason to hope and improve themselves accordingly.  There will be, however, always a team or teams ahead of the curve because of strategery and talent.  That said, I’ll rank a top 15 in this post with my eyes squinting towards next Sunday.

1.  Yellow Sub – They’ve scored a ton of runs against likely weaker squads.  YS was a tough team to place in the preseason seeds.  They clearly are a top-tier team with a mar on their resume, they’ve yet to beat a top seed.  I think they will in the coming weeks.  Otherwise, it will be tough to keep them here because of a their schedule (thru no fault of their own).  Next up…Weavers.

2.  Sun Creations – Has anyone seen these guys play?  Mashers.  AND, they’re starting to try and take the bunt away from opposing offenses.  Ick.  Have fun playing this team.  Next up…Tellers.

3.  (tie) Eastsiders, Jayhawk Guttering, and Love Garden – Can’t drop JG or the Eastsiders too far after losing to quality opponents.  Love Garden rebounded nicely with a win over JG.  These are the three dominant teams of the past.  Will one or more of them crack or regain top form?  We’ll see.  Next up…West Coast Saloon, Open Sky Land., and Rangelife Records.

6.  Screamers – I still don’t know too much about them, other than they have good players and are 2 and 0.  Doesn’t look like they’ll lose many games.  Not a great showing against Sun Creations in their rain shortened game.  Next up…Liberty Hall.

7.  Eldridge – They may have the best two wins so far in terms of comparable opponents.  Next up…Slowride.

8.  Jazzhaus – Team from the past with new leadership and faces.  They’re scoring lots of runs.  Maybe in the best matchup this coming weekend.  Next up…Replay (7:00 Lyons East).

9.  Free State – Everyone’s favorite green uniformed hooligans and another potent offensive team.  Next up…Mad Greek.  This is a division game against two undefeated squads (8:30 @ Lyons West).

10.  Rangelife Records – How’d these tight short wearin’ hipsters sneak into the top ten?  Hint: They’ve won both their games.  Next up…a tough test against Love Garden.

11.  Mad Greek – What’s this, a perennial cellar team that’s pulling themselves up by their kickball shoelaces?  New teams, Mad Greek is a great example of how to play, be good sports, and that patience is in fact virtuous.  Next up…Free State.        

12.  Tellers – This team is of similar structure to the group they fielded two years ago plus more new faces.  They seem to have lots of fun AND learn quickly.  Next up…Sun Creations.  Go get ’em.

13.  (tie) Sacred Sword, Red Lyon, and Replay – These are three veteran teams recovering from an early season loss.  All three losses were to quality teams.  I think all three teams will finish with above .500 records.  Next up…Girls with L.S.E., Solidarity, and Jazzhaus.

 It’s really too early to put much value in rankings.  The next couple of weeks will help sort out who goes where.  PLEASE NOTE:  There isn’t a game at Hobbs this week.  But, for the first time in the history of the regular season, we have games at Lyons Park starting around 5:30 and ending around 10:00.  That’s twelve teams (six games!) at the same location within a few hours of each other.  This should be fun and I encourage everybody to come enjoy the games.  Lots of parking, a bathroom, and some bleachers to be had.  P.S. – Don’t forget your mosquito repellent.