Tears in my Beer….

My cooler, cleats and random bag of kickball shit are still sitting in my front room. I am not sure I am ready to accept that again kickball is over. We all knew that sixteen teams were not going to make it to week two. Currently I am left with a lifetime of warm keystone light, some random can of cider, socks frozen in sweat and cleats dusted with the dirt of eleven weeks of kickball.

Welcome to the life a loss in round two.

Rockets -TerreBonne Po Boys – Kunt Punts – Sacred Sword -Das Boot – Love Garden -Hotel Lobby- Jazzhaus – Spacepussy- Asteroidhead – Harper Valley PTA – The uptoeleven Late Fees – Brewballers – Where’s My Pitches – Ghosts – Taco Tuesday our season is now over. Throughout the season we were all champions, we all made people stop for a moment and say hey they look really good. Some of us were one seeds, some of us upset teams well above our rank, some of us drank from the championship cup, and some of us still dream to win a game. Bottom line we all play kickball in the KVKL, a league where teams wait years to get the chance to play, a league that has given over five figures to local charities, a league that is glad you are a part of it.

Being a part of the KVKL means even when you lose you still better be there for the final three rounds. I mean why would you not. We live in Lawrence fucking Kansas and we know often times cheering for our one team means you only get the glory every twenty years (RCJHBB). So there you go Tellers, I mean Merchants, maybe you will win something more than the plate in 2022.

So I ask all you losers (myself included) if you have reffed more than your obligatory week we would love your experience on the field reffing games. The rest of us, take a shower, put on some new shoes, maybe don a summer dress, purchase some food or a t-shirt one last time, take a swig of fireball, cuddle a puppy, take a selfie with Mike Anderson and help clean our park whist crowning a new champion for 2014.

This years losers could be next years champions.