The 6 Most Important Games Of Week 5

The Most Important Game Remaining in Each Pool 

Red Lyon (3-1) @ Jazzhaus (3-1) 


In hands down the most stunning result in KVKL regular season history, Jazzhaus took down Lawrence Shirt Factory 9-6. I haven’t heard much about the game so I’m really looking forward to Rick’s appearance on the podcast tomorrow to break it all down.  

This upset threw the Calvin division into absolute chaos, and I’m fairly certain that Jazzhaus has the most to gain/lose of any team heading into Week 5 since we switched to the 5&5 format a few years ago.  With a win here Jazz locks up the #1 spot, and a loss could drop them down to the #4’s based on their head-to-head results against Shirt Factory ( W) and Drop Stoppers (L). Crazy happenings in the Calvin, let’s see if Jazzhaus can pull off the most surprising entrance into the #1’s since Free State snuck in circa 2016. 

Projected Final Standings:

  1. Lawrence Shirt Factory 
  2. Red Lyon Tavern 
  3. Drop Stoppers 
  4. Jazzhaus 
  5. Kicking Assets
  6. JSC ElectriKick Eels

Hurtz Donut D-Holes (3-1) @ Ladybird Harpies (2-2)

This game was supposed to decide the #2, and technically it still does, but that Corksuckers>Ladybird upset in Week 3 really throws a wrench into this division.  Muddy will beat BnG to lock up the #1, and the upstart Corksuckers should easily handle Empire to finish at 3-2. If D-Holes win this matchup it’s all pretty straightforward, but if the Harpies win then there is a three-way tie at 3-2 and then we delve deep into the tiebreakers.

I believe runs allowed is the first tiebreaker, so here is where they stand right now heading into Week 5:

D-Holes — 27
Harpies — 45
Corksuckers — 47    

Keep in mind that Corksuckers have a good defense and play the lowest scoring team in the league (Empire has scored five runs all year) so a shutout is not out of the realm of possibility  

Projected Final Standings:

  1. Muddy Waters 
  2. Hurtz Donut D-Holes 
  3. Corksuckers 
  4. Ladybird Harpies 
  5. Bunt N Grind 
  6. Empire Kicks Back 


Black Stag (4-0) @ Red Legs (4-0) 

Pretty simple, the winner of this game gets the #1 seed.  Black Stag has been playing great defense, only giving up five runs over their past three games, while Red Legs failed to impress in their first true test of the season, beating Rats 6-3. Simon should be back in town for this game and that gives Black Stag the edge.  If you’re not playing at 7:00 get out to Holcom and watch this game, it’s the only matchup of undefeated teams this weekend. 

Projected Final Standings:

  1. Black Stag
  2. Red Legs 
  3. The Rats
  4. Woost 
  5. 23rd Street Brewery 
  6. Liberty Hall Late Fees 


ReBoot XXX (3-1) @ Goesers Good Neighbors (3-1) 

After their impressive GOTW performance ReBoot XXX has the league’s attention, and a win here would put everyone on notice that they are one of the true up and coming teams in KVKL.  Goeser’s has a good collection of talent, and hopefully they have their entire squad on hand for this marquee matchup on Sunday, including their newest recruit who is hands down the best kicker in the league… trust me. The #2 seed is on the line, get out to South Park and enjoy some old school kickball on grass.  

Projected Final Standings:

  1. Love Garden Squids 
  2. Goesers Good Neighbors 
  3. ReBoot XXX
  4. Soda Jerks 
  5. AsteroidHEAD 
  6. Patrick MaHomies


Chalmersiz (3-1) @ Johnny’s Tavern (2-2)


JDE locked up the #1 seed with their tight win over Free State this weekend, and if Chalmersiz handles their business against Johnny’s on Sunday then this division is pretty simple.  A Johnny’s upset throws the 2-3-4 slots into tiebreaker territory as three teams would be 3-2.   

Runs allowed heading into Week 5:
Johnny’s Tavern — 19
Chalmersiz — 21
Free State — 26

So in a roundabout way Johnny’s actually controls their own destiny, with a low scoring win over Chalmersiz they slot into the #2 seed and knock Chalmersiz to the #3’s and Free State down to #4. 

Projected Final Standings:

  1. John Denver Experience 
  2. Chalmersiz 
  3. Free State 
  4. Johnny’s Tavern 
  5. Misfit Toys 
  6. Reading Rockets 


River City Matadores (3-1) @ Ghosts (1-3)

Barring any major upsets, this division is pretty much set.  KTC isn’t losing to Sword (or anybody for that matter) and Pawsh will easily handle CrossFit, so Ghosts beating the Mats is the only plausible result that can cause a little shuffle to the expected finish, but it’s not gonna happen. 

Projected Final Standings:

  1. KTC 
  2. RC Matadores 
  3. Pawsh Wash 
  4. Sacred Sword 
  5. Ghosts 
  6. Jayhawker CrossFit