The Craziness of Kickball.

As I usually have Monday off, I had been writing these posts early on that morning.  Some big things happened (see below) on Sunday and Monday that kept me from this joy.  The Royals beat the White Sox for a series win at the Cell for the first time in FIVE years (although I’m convinced that the CWS keep changing the name of their stadium to confuse my poor Royals)….only to get pasted by the Detroit Tigers last night.  Oh well, didn’t even have time to savor the victories.  And, a viewing of the new Batman movie yesterday afternoon pushed this off until today.  My aplogies to the 8 or 9 of you that read this blog.  Without further delay…

Mine eyes, they seem a bit fuzzy and unable to focus.  Are those scores correct?  Wow, we had some real hiney-whippers this weekend.  The two games (JG @ YS, LG @ RL) that were supposed to be compelling, were not.  Although, the JG/YS game was closer than the score might lead one to believe.  Hats off to Love Garden, Sacred Sword, and Teller’s each for EXCEEDING offensive outputs of thirty-five runs.  Average score of their three games was 37 to 6.  Yuck.  They win the weekend bully awards.  All in good fun.  

A BIG HATS off to Open Sky Landscaping and Liberty Hall.  OSL and LH each earned their first victory of the season.  LH also handed Eldridge their first defeat.  If someone on the scene is willing to write about those games (or any), please do so below.  Some saw this coming re: Open Sky.  They had been improving at a noticeable pace and can now savor their first win.  I suspect few saw LH’s upset coming.  Nice job(s), and may many more lie ahead for both squads.  After racing to a quick 6-0, Eldridge had it’s first stumble.  Look out, the Holy Scimitar’s (damn you Adam!) are at your heels and Love Garden will again their say.  The next three weeks will be turbulent in the WSB Division.  Excellent.

Let’s see, what else?  Weaver’s tried to give the Screamers their first loss and were oh-so-close.  I’m anxious to see the box score on that game.  The other OSC game was the ‘Staches vying for their first win over the Dead Cats.  Man, they could probably taste it in their hairy pallets.  What a game that must have been!  These are two of the best natured teams in the league.  To all of you, well done. 

The format of this blog has evolved more quickly than I expected.  There typically has been a beg., mid., and end of the week post.  Kris has been $ with the box scores though we missed Coug last week.  I think there is room for a fourth post per week.  Anyone interested?  That leads to….

Future topics?  Suggestions?  It would be great to have female perspective(s) as ladies represent AT LEAST 30% of the league.  Things that have been crossing (and quickly leaving) my mind: favorite players, tactics, the playoffs, spirit of the league, cleaning-up after the games, and a year-end tournament/fundraiser.  Great weekend and thank you all!

Please rank your whatever below.