THE FINAL WEEK aka championship confessions

I just put up the banner behind the backstop at hobbs. The field was perfectly marked and there was an empty bottle of beer resting on the edge of the stadium, our final Sunday of the 13th year of KVKL is hours from beginning. Eight teams of most awesome and less awesome remain.   Hopefully each one of these teams are currently taking part in what ever ritual, team building exercise will get them to the final games at Hobbs. So who the heck is gonna take the Trophy home for 2014? I’ve been watching most of you for so many years, which is why on Sunday afternoon I still have yet to write who I think is going to win it, my way…..

 photo-63 photo-62

HAPPY SHIRT VS. CHANNEL 6 – 4pm Holcom Blue – I want Happy Shirt to win because every year the best team in the league should win. However I also want Happy Shirt to win because Brianne K starts dental school tomorrow, Cort R got engaged this summer, Chris F after seven years deserves a change and Steve Harder is half the man he used to be in weight.   I want Channel 6 to win this game because Mike Anderson pushed his mind to the limit, because Cheyenne could be the first woman to kick a ball over Holcom Left and JP put together the best recruiting class of 2014. However I think Happy Shirt has the seniority to continue their path to Hobbs.


LOS MATADORES VS. HURTZ DONUTS – 4pm Holcom Red – I want Los Mats to win because Derek Davis isn’t here. I want Los Mats to win because Shane B is again injured and that sucks, I want Los Mats to win because Kenny doesn’t wear a shirt. I want Hurtz Donuts to win because of the excellence of one Mr. K Dover, because Arie Auxter does so very much for this league behind the scenes, because winning is more fun when you win with family, right Brian and Mo? Megan and Alex? Bickel and Lundie? Hurtz Donuts are going to win because once again they are going to keep cool in this heat and make it to their first final 4.


WILDMAN VERSUS BAD NEW BAGELS – 4pm Lyons East – I want Wildman to win because I know how hard Simon and CJ have trained this year, because Ryan W still uses a flip phone, because Ive heard cat whisperer Christian K is injured and not playing. I want Bad News Bagels to win because Sarah and Ross were original Ligers, because Ben has proven to be one top-notch dude in his love for the league, because Emma L has two pretty adorable rescue dogs. Even my love of animals won’t get me to pick the bagels. Abby V is playing this week and with Abby victories come.


CHALMERSIZ VERSUS RED LYON – 4PM Lyons East – I want Chalmersiz to win because Rachna, Betsy, Brittany and Nicole know how to make playing great kickball cool, because Soobs wears the funniest pants around, because that lil honey bear of a pitcher will tell us what’s in the fanny pack. I want Red Lyon to win because Nick Lerner the tech savvy realtor got the balls to do it, because being forty and being the fastest dude in the league rules Jarrod, because Joey and Todd have done the laps and Shawna spells her name with a W. I love these teams both so much, but Red Lyon and their shot-gunning will give them more focus than the danger of team fireballersiz.


BASIL RIDE VERSUS BULLET PROOF TIGERS – 4PM Hobbs – I want Basil Ride to win because Erin A is outta town and doesn’t have to clean the park for once, because Josh always volunteers to ref games his team could be playing in, because my girl crush Alexis C has the cutest cat ever. I want Bullet Proof Tigers to win because Cougar put together a pretty good crew of random wanna play in the league players, because Abby Vestals bro plays on the team, because Colin F drives a mini. Bottom line Basil Ride is much better than their record and have been playing with 4 women, that to me means winner.


SCREAMERS VERSUS MERCHANTS – 4pm Holcom Right – I want Screamers to win because Taylor and Freed have the cutest lil dog (and sweetest booty), because Jason Thunder drives a motorcycle and because Erin H loves bubbles. I want Merchants to win because they beat my team, because Jairo got kicked in the balls hard this summer, because Aubrey M dances more on the field than I do. Bottom line Merchants won the plate last year and I think they want to be the first ever repeat.


GOATS VERSUS RATS – 4pm Holcom Gold – I want goats to win because nothing is better than watching Lauren P run to first base, because Amber from Sacred Sword wrecked Joel S finger last week, because Scott S (with help from his fashionista wife Sara) have run the league impeccably this season. I want the Rats to win because rats get a bad rap in the animal kingdom, because first basemen Ryan J has really huge hands (wink wink CJ), because Seth as captain of the newest team is learning how hard it can be to keep a team together all season. Goats made it to the final four last year. They will settle for nothing less than the plate.


MURDA VERSUS FREE STATE – Holcom Left 4pm – I want Murda to win because six of them are currently still working brunch at the Roost, because Esco had a birthday yesterday, because Jill D is currently in Spain. I want Free State to win because I bet many of their team is also still working the lunch rush, because Torrie refs week in and week out, because Lesli like myself she doesn’t end her name in an E. Two classic teams but Murda got a bit more physical edge.