The Most Important Games of July 28th

There are 25 games taking place on Sunday, including over half the league playing doubleheaders, so let’s take a look at the six most crucial games happening that day. 

#1 Seeds: 

Muddy Waters (7-1) vs. KTC (7-0) 

Muddy’s loss to JDE takes a bit of the shine off this Championship rematch, but it’s still the premier game of the day.  The big question is will Muddy have Isaac available and healthy to try and shut down the KTC bunt game? If he’s good to go this should be a classic, but if not KTC ought to roll again.  One item to note, this will be KTC’s second game of the afternoon, but they have tremendous athletes and depth so it shouldn’t effect them too much. 

#2 Seeds:

Lawrence Shirt Factory (6-1) vs. Hurtz Donut D-Holes (5-3)

When LSF factory surprisingly dropped into the #2’s they immediately became the heavy favorite to not only win the division, but to go 5-0 in dominant fashion.  While they haven’t done anything to dispel this thought, Red Legs are one (assumed) win over RC Mats away from awaiting them at 4-0 in Week 10 and are clearly firing on all cylinders.  Shirt Factory has a double header this week against Johnny’s and D-Holes, and while D-Holes have never beat Shirt Factory, this could be their best shot as they only have to play one game on Sunday.  Not saying it’s gonna happen, but it could be interesting.  

#3 Seeds:

Reboot XXX (3-4) vs. Rats (6-2)

The Rats have a chance to sneak into a top 10 seed if they keep winning, and the only two games left on their schedule are against sub .500 teams.  Reboot is on a three game losing streak, but their early season performances show just how well they can play when they’re on, so this should be the biggest test left for the Rats.  If they hold serve and finish at 8-2 the committee will have a hard time keeping them out of the top 10, which would be the high water mark for this franchise.  Congrats Rats, you’ve arrived! 

#4 Seeds

Free State Growlers (5-2) vs. Ladybird Harpies (5-3) 

These two have been on a collision course ever since they both dropped to the #4’s, and so long as Free State takes care of business against the Soda Jerks in their first game on Sunday this game will decide the champ of the division.  Ladybird has never beaten Free State, but they’ve only played once or twice since Ladybird dropped their average player age by about a decade.  This will be some high quality kickball, looking forward to it! 

#5 Seeds

Misfit Toys (4-4) vs. 23rd Street Brewery (2-5) 

23rd Street is the only team that can keep Misfit from at least winning a share of the #5’s, so this GOTW has plenty on the line.  Misfit has been rolling in the #5’s, beating teams by an average of 10 runs/game, so they’re the heavy favorite coming in, but as we’ve seen before — anything can happen under the lights. 

23rd Street might be the first team in KVKL history to get two Hobbs games in one night, playing at 5:00 and then needing to stay loose/sober until 9:30, not the easiest thing for a brewery sponsored team to do — good luck!  

#6 Seeds

Reading Rockets (2-5) vs. Jayhawker CrossFit (1-7)

Rockets has a chance to put up an untouchable KVKL record this Sunday — Most runs scored in a single day.  They play the Eels in their first matchup, who are giving up an average of 17 runs/game, followed up by CrossFit who allow 30 runs/game.  While many teams have scored 40+, there’s a real possibility here that the Rockets score 50 or 60 runs this weekend, as they are the class of the division and are playing two of the softest defenses in the league.  Y’all better hydrate and stretch, that’s a lot of circling the base paths.