The Playoffs, pt. 2; or, A Brief Preview

For the record, I correctly predicted 20 of 32 teams’ tournament seed. That’s pretty good, I think.


o1. Happy Shirt vs. 32. Ladybird Harpies
This is, what, like the fifth time these two teams have played in the playoffs? That’s about as insightful as I can get.

16. Goats vs. 17. Merchants of Death
This is another game of the tournament. The winner still loses.

o8. Hurtz Donut D-Holes vs. 25. Nick Lerner’s Homies
The D-Holes turned out to be pretty good this season. It had a rough stretch in the 2s. losing all three games, but, hey, it has a chance to replay Pizza Party!! in the second game. The Homies will undoubtedly face Taco Tuesday in the second game, and will most likely be the end of its season.

o9. Pizza Party!! vs. 24. Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday had what I’d consider, in terms of its history, a pretty successful year, even if it was only 3-7. Pizza Party!! had an even better year, one of its best, going 7-3 and nearly sweeping the 3s with big wins over Red Lyon and the Rockets.

o4. Mario Chalmersiz vs. 29. Screamers
An incredibly interesting matchup potentially awaits Chalmersiz in its second game, possibly facing Los Matadores. The Screamers got a tough draw—regardless of who wins on the opposite side, Los Matadores or the improved Rats, it doesn’t stand much of a chance in its second game. Sorry, Screamers.

13. Los Matadores vs. 20. Rats
This is probably the lowest-seeded potential upset, and that’s only if Los Matadores continues missing players. Should the Rats lose, it could make a deep run in the opposite bracket if it, too, can field its players.

o5. Kansas Tree Care vs. 28. Liberty Hall
Kansas Tree Care is built for the playoffs, and I don’t see any reason why it won’t get its rematch with Mario Chalmersiz next week. Das Boot might disagree, though. Liberty Hall doesn’t really have much say in the matter. Sorry, Everett and co.



12. Das Boot vs. 21. Ghosts
The Ghosts played Das Boot well early in the season, only losing 9-6, but struggled throughout the year—and lost its last three. Das Boot closed out with a big win over Party! and certainly could surprise KTC in the second round—it’ll take a lot of work, though.

o2. Wildman Attack Force vs. 31. D’s Nuts
This is, what, like the third time these two teams have faced each other in the playoffs? That’s about as . . .

15. Thunderkixkxk vs. 18. Where’s My Pitches
This could be a good game. Where’s My Pitches has looked better all year, went 2-1 in the 5-pool, and just beat the Wu-oost. Thunderkickz, meanwhile, avoided a sweep by taking out the Goats in extra innings. The winner plays a game no one wants to play.

o7. Love Garden Squids vs. 26. Jazzhaus
One of the better games of the first weekend will be played on YSC #4 when the Squids here face Red Lyon. That’s not to say the Jazzhaus doesn’t have a chance, but let’s be real here. Maybe Love Garden will finally find its identity.

10. Red Lyon vs. 23. Sacred Sword
Two years ago this would have been a great game. But, hey, things change. Sacred Sword looks to avoid making perhaps its first ever opposite bracket appearance, and Red Lyon begins to defend its Runners-Up title.

o3. Channel 6 vs. 30. Brewballers
No good can come of this.

14. Free State Growlers vs. 19. Wu-oost
Jacki and co. get a chance at redeeming that surprise week 7 loss. Not only that, but both teams have a chance at rocking the field by facing Channel 6—a team that may (or may not) be missing some players. Holcolm Gold could be an interesting place.

o6. Bad News Bagels vs. 27. Asteroid Head
The Bagels would love another Final Four appearance—who wouldn’t?—and Asteroid Head would probably be content with a second weekend. Neither will be easy, but the Bagels are in a good position to reach the semi-finals again. Asteroid Head, on the other hand, is not in a good position, either way, because it will face either a good Corksuckers team, or an even better Rockets squad.

11. Rockets vs. 22. Corksuckers
The Corksuckers got boned with a couple early losses that forced it down to the 7s—where it rightfully swept—but now it’s up against teams it probably should have been playing all along. We all know about that win over the Bagels. That was a low-scoring affair, though, and the Rockets love putting up big numbers. Upset alert? probably. Likely? I don’t think so.