Top Ten Run Scorers of 2016 (Week 1)

I wanted to make a post highlighting some of the players of the week, but between reffing and playing, it’s hard to see more than three games so it would have been a very small snapshot of our ever expanding league.  Instead I figured I would some do some kind of statistical breakdown, but accurate personalized kickball stats are notoriously hard to come by because of differences in score keepers, sacrifice situations, etc.  The only consistently legitimate individual stat is runs scored, so I figured I would keep a top ten list throughout the season of runs scored on an individual basis.  Obviously this is a lot of score sheets to look through, so if I miss anyone just give me a heads up in the comments or on Facebook. Clearly with just one week in the books this list is weighted towards a few teams, but over the course of a full season it should even out.

*Disclaimer* I might have misidentified certain players due to shitty handwriting.  This wasn’t intentional, sorry in advance.  For rotating kickers, I just assumed the person in the top column kicked first and then traded off every other at bat.

Week 1


1) Sydney – 3 (Muddy Waters)

T-2) Shawna – 2 (Red Lyon)

T-2) Sarah W – 2 (Red Lyon)

T-2) Claire – 2 (Muddy Waters)

T-2) Katie – 2 (Homies)

T-2) Kiley – 2 (Rockets)

T-2) Ashley – 2 (Rockets)

T-2) Cara – 2 (Rockets)

T-2) Betsy – 2 (Chalmersiz)

T-2) Cheyenne – 2 (Channel 6)

T-2) Chloe – 2 (Wildman)

T-2) Betsy – 2 (Wildman)

T-2)McKenzie – 2 (Squids)


1) Colin – 6 (Wildman)

T-2) Sean – 5 (Woost)

T-2) Dan – 5 (Woost)

T-2) Seth – 5 (Free State)

T-5)Mike – 4 (Muddy Waters)

T-5)Ian – 4 (Muddy Waters)

T-5)Travis – 4 (Muddy Waters)

T-5)Eli – 4 (Muddy Waters)

T-5)Drew – 4 (Channel 6)

T-5)Brandon – 4 (Goats)

T-5)CJ – 4 (Wildman)

T-5)Simon – 4 (Wildman)