Tourney time – first weekend

This is my favorite kickball week of the year. The bracket reveal, two podcasts, bracketology, and two games guaranteed for every team to top it off. I can totally geek out and immerse myself in all things kickball while totally ignoring all my other priorities with the excuse that this may be my last week to play until next year.

First round games

There will be two games for everyone this weekend, but I only did lines for the first round since we won’t know second round matchups until the day of.

(32) Harper Valley @ (1) Happy Shirt

Favorite: Happy Shirt              Line: 12                   O/U: 24

Happy Shirt is the favorite going into the tournament again. They have been the favorite for the last five seasons (maybe more), won the first two, lost to Los Luchadores in the championship, lost to Star Bar in the semis, and lost to Wildman in the championship. They went from the early ’90s Dallas Cowboys to the early ’90s Buffalo Bills. It will be interesting to see how they finish this tournament.

(17) Screamers @ (16) Dirty Mike

Favorite: Dirty Mike                  Line: 3                     O/U: 20

Two teams going in opposite directions. DM has a 5-game winning streak, Screamers has a 4-game losing streak. This is a good matchup for DM, their offense will possibly be able to take advantage of the Screamers struggling defense.

(25) Brew Ballers @ (8) Hurtz

Favorite: Hurtz                           Line: 8                     O/U: 18

The Hurtz offense improved more than every other team this season (see table below). They were only team to score in double digits in all of their division games. Their kicking attack slowed a little in pool play before getting back on track against the Goats (even though they lost).

(24) Free State @ (9) Chalmersiz

Favorite: Chalmersiz                Line: 5                     O/U: 15

Free State’s record isn’t representative how good they are (or maybe it is). They have won 4 in a row, and when they lose, they rarely get blown out. They lost to Wildman by 10 runs and Afterparty!! by 8 runs, but mostly because they didn’t get their offense going in those games.

(29) Asteroid Head @ (4) Love Garden

Favorite: Love Garden             Line: 12                   O/U: 18

Love Garden had the last couple of weeks off, which worked out well for them, so they could recover from some injuries. Even if they are a little rusty, they should advance without issue.

(20) Liberty Hall @ (13) Toe Pokes

Favorite: Toe Pokes                   Line: 6                     O/U: 24

Liberty Hall hopped over Slowride in the seedings despite losing to them in week 9. Not much of a reward. They need to have a good game defensively because the Toe Pokes have shown that they will run up the score if they can.

(28) Balls Deep @ (5) Los Matadores

Favorite: Los Matadores        Line: 8                     O/U: 22

Balls Deep played well in their pool and got a couple of wins under their belt to finish the regular season, but they are overmatched against Los Matadores who have been strong all season long and now have a championship goal.

(21) Slowride @ (12) Afterparty!!

Favorite: Afterparty!!              Line: 5                     O/U: 16

Slowride slipped a little this year, but will try to make up for it here. Afterparty!! seems to be a little underrated. (The seedings seem right, but he talent gap between the 5-seed through the 12-seed is tiny.) They lost by 1 run to the Goats and Wildman, and their only real hiccup was against a good Cork Suckers team.

(31) $P@C3Pu$$y!! @ (2) Wildman

Favorite: Wildman                    Line: 13                  O/U: 19

Wildman now enters title defense mode. Last season they had some expected growing pains before turning it on in the playoffs. This season they have shown that their tournament run was not a fluke. A repeat is definitely possible.

(18) Rats @ (15) MUrda

Favorite: MUrda                        Line: 4                     O/U: 13

The Rats have had a good first year in the league. They beat well established teams in Slowride, Rockets, Free State, and West Coast. MUrda is slightly better than those teams, but if their name went on that list, I wouldn’t be shocked.

(26) Jazzhaus @ (7) Goats

Favorite: Goats                           Line: 8                     O/U: 13

This game could be closer than expected. Jazzhaus has a defense that can keep them in games, but they just don’t score a lot of runs. Goats were knocked out in the second round last year (by Party!!), and although they have bigger goals this year, their tournament path won’t do them any favors.

(23) Tellerdactyls @ (10) Red Lyon

Favorite: Red Lyon                    Line: 4                     O/U: 12

The Red Lyon kickers won’t have as much trouble getting runners around the bases this week, but Tellerdactyls should not be overlooked. Tellerdactyls played RoT – another team from the 3-pool – close at the beginning of the year when they lost 7-5.

(30) BP Tigers @ (3) Abraxas

Favorite: Abraxas                      Line: 12                  O/U: 21

Abraxas is trying to get back to the championship game after an early exit last year (earlier than expected). They are definitely one of the most balanced teams in the league with a stacked kicking order and shutdown defense.

(19) Rockets @ (14) Cork Suckers

Favorite: Rockets                       Line: 2                     O/U: 18

This is the only rematch in the first round. Rockets beat the Cork Suckers solidly the first time around. This is the only lower seed picked to win because we all saw how the first game went. We will see if the stakes change the outcome.

(27) West Coast @ (6) Das Boot

Favorit: Das Boot                       Line: 8                     O/U: 21

They fell in the seedings, but Das Boot is usually a great playoff team. They have made the final four the last couple of years and they won’t go down easily. West Coast did go undefeated in pool play, but DB is a little better than those other opponents.

(22) Ghosts @ (11) Reign of Terror

Favorite: RoT                               Line: 6                     O/U: 24

Ghosts will get their offense back on track, but it will only be enough to keep the game close for a while.

Over-unders for the season

At the beginning of the season, I posted over-unders for wins, runs scored, and runs allowed for the season. The wins were adjusted for a 10-game season, but the runs scored and runs allowed were not, they were based off the 11-game season last year. Since it was mostly meant as a way to see if teams improve or not, I thought it was probably better to show the actual runs scored and runs allowed from last year through 10 weeks (excluding rivalry week).

Runs Scored  Runs Allowed 
 O/UWins 20122013Difference 20122013Difference
Pita Pit8.51014216018344713
Das Boot7.5611499-15688214
Love Garden8.58171143-2839478
Los Matadores7.5812012337059-11
Red Lyon7.56110107-3568125
Reign of Terror6.56109100-9649632
Cork Suckers6.5410982-27125104-21
Toe Pokes5.5790118288964-25
Dirty Mike4.56981024107102-5
Liberty Hall6.549364-299911415
BP Tigers4.52818211121208
Free State4.5493100713881-57
West Coast4.538870-1810312623
Balls Deep3.526278161121186
Asteroid Head4.527571-41181180
Harper Valley2.506646-20210161-49

Week 10 line scores

Happy Shirt46300101015
Das Boot0200000013
Brew Ballers0000010012
Cork Suckers52001000311
Reign of Terror2112310313
Toe Pokes1000000034
Dirty Mike22000510010
Harper Valley0100130005
Balls Deep4420131621
Red Lyon1000000102
Liberty Hall000200110015
BP Tigers0020001003
Free State1223414219
West Coast04220002111
Asteroid Head2000100115

Some notes about first innings

I just threw up the runs per inning for team last week without any discussion. But there were some interesting tidbits when looking at how teams teams performed based on the first inning or who scores first in a game.

The team that scores first home or away wins 105-55. (not necessarily the first inning)

The record for the league if a team scores in the first inning and their opponent does not is 68-12.

The record of the visiting team (team that kicks first) if they do not score in the first inning is 7-43.

The record of the home team if they do not score in the first inning is 22-40.

There were only 16 games (out of 160) scoreless after the first inning. (listed below by week)

Week 1

Balls Deep @ Screamers

Week 2

West Coast @ Rockets, Red Lyon @ $P@C3Pu$$y!

Week 3

Growlers @ Goats

Week 4

Chalmersiz @ Jazzhaus

Week 5

Screamers @ Chalmersiz, Jazzhaus @ Liberty Hall, Goats @ Wildman

Week 6

Screamers @ Jazzhaus

Week 7

Cork Suckers @ Goats

Week 8

Screamers @ Afterparty!!

Week 9

Das Boot @ Happy Shirt, Liberty Hall @ Slowride

Week 10

$! @ Jazzhaus, Abraxas @ Das Boot, Brew Ballers @ Tellerdactyls