I had the privilege of attending a Replay post-game(s) show-and-tell for the first time this season.  What a whirling dervish of revelry!  Apparently, the spirit of this league is limitless.  Members of many teams, together, sharing time and stories.  Fantastic!  It was great to chat with folks about kickball, life, Batman, the Royals, and anything else people were willing to divulge.  Some topics are less appropriate for this post……NONETHELESS, if you haven’t gone to the Replay after the last game of the weekend, please do.  Oh, and please don’t forget to tell them you are with the Kaw Valley Kickball League as your entry fee goes into a fund for the KVKL.  Thanks for your generous sharing of libation!  Some even made it down the hatch. 

The playoffs are only three weeks away and the Board is considering a few scenarios.  Here they are (so far): 

Option A:  Round of 24 (4 bye teams) on Aug. 17, Rounds of 16 and 8 on Aug. 24th., and the Semis and Final on Sept. 7th.  

Option B:  Rounds of 24 (4 bye teams), 16, and 8 on Aug. 17th, and the Semis and Final on Aug. 24th.  Or, the 24 and 16 on Aug. 17th, THEN the 8, Semis, and Final on Aug. 24th.

Option C:  Rounds of 24 (4 bye teams) and 16 on Aug. 17th, Rounds of 8 and 4 on Aug. 24th, and the Final on Sept. 7th.

We’re not at the point to practically apply a double-elimination format just yet (maybe next year?).  What do you think about the choices?  Input would be greatly appreciated.  It is my personal feeling that the round of eight (4 games) and/or four (2 games) should be played on entirely grass, and the last game (Final) on dirt.  I’m fairly set on what option I prefer and would like to see what you have to say.  Tie-breakers will likely be an issue as we haven’t agreed on how to address those.  However, the last two weeks of the season should answer some of those questions.