Water Tower in Week 5=War

Posted by Cougar:

Remember the song “War” by Edwin Starr from the 1970s (for a reference, it’s the song Jackie Chan sang in Chris Tucker’s car in the movie Rush Hour) where it starts with “War/ what is it good for?/ absolutely nothing. Well, war is absolutely necessary in Week 5 @ Water Tower Park, when Eastersiders face Jayhawk Guttering in the 5:30 game and Sun Creations face Lovegarden in the 7pm game.

CALM DOWN, people. I am not suggesting that these teams should maul each other physically. But war is necessary because i am jealous of those who are gonna be able to watch any of these games. These four teams are the elite of the KVKL. I think it’s great that the schedule has these four teams will play on the same field. This is not the first time this has happened. On Week 2, LoveGarden face Jayhawk Guttering, edging them out 9-8. Sun Creations took on Eastsiders and made the KVKL league know that they are for real winning 10-4.

Sun Creations is back from a one-year hiatus They are showing that they are not only the best Sun Creations squad ever, but that they should be one of the favorites to win the KVKL title, if not THE favorite. It is a team that comprised mostly of former members from Bottleneck (which is now Larry’s Buzz) and Red Lyon. How do you know if these team members are legit? Look at their former teams. Both of them (albeit so far) are hurting without their presence.

When I first heard of Sun Creations and the composition of the team, the first word that came to my head was “supergroup” because that’s what they are. One member of one of the three other teams playing at Water Tower Park said that Sun Creations have the best offense and should be the favorite to win it all. I think that Sun Creations are most athletic team in the league and these members, who were on teams that have fallen short in the playoffs, are on a mission that this “supergroup” will ultimately lead to their goal: a championship.

The Eastsiders are also on a mission. They are vying to become the second team to become two-time champions in the league. The 2006 champion (back then dubbed as Milton’s) fell short one game of being the only team ever to win the KVKL title in consecutive years. But there is no shame in that. It’s extrememly hard to repeat as champions. The 2007 KVKL runner-up (dubbed as Kuhlmaniacs) is a seasoned veteran group who, according to their captain Robert Coffman, added two people who have contriubuted well. Now they hope to bounce back from a 10-4 drubbing in the hands of Sun Creations; they are the only team to issue Papa Keno’s their only loss of the season, but it was the loss that knocked them out of the playoffs (the semi-finals). Speaking of which….

Papa Keno’s is no more. It’s now Jayhawk Guttering. But even with the name change, they have the same ol’ label, “The best team to never win it all.” There is no team in the league that wants to win more badly than Jayhawk Guttering. Last year, they were the first team to go through the regular season undefeated since the first year of the league’s inception in 2002 (Teller’s). I think that this team is somehow cursed. It seems to me there a fluke moment that knocked Papa Keno’s out. Sometimes it’s their own downfall, but other times it’s well, unexplainable. Maybe the change in name to Jayhawk Guttering will get them that little twist of luck to their ultimate goal: to win it all.

And finally, Love Garden aka the defending champions. Well sort of. After two years as Billy’s Construction, they’ve gone back to the original name that they won their first KVKL title (2004). But man, I guess staying put with the same team went out the wayside. The only two-time champion lost some key members to other teams, but they gained some new teammates. They’re the one of the older teams in the league. But one thing that is a constant is teamwork. It is astouding how unfazed LoveGarden are in pressure situations and come through and win. This explains why they’ve been in the KVKL championship game in four consecutive seasons. Plus they have one aspect that is a virutal slam dunk in being in the KVKL championship game: Katie. She has been in every championship game of the KVKL (being part of two championship seasons with LoveGarden/Billy’s Construction). She was also on the Teller’s squad that won the regular season title in 2002 (back then in the first year of KVKL inception there was no postseason).

These games should be epic. If anyone wants to see how to play kickball at the highest, watch any of these two games. You won’t be disappointed…..