Week 10 in Review

Jazzhaus vs. Spacepussy

What a great week of games to end close out pool play.  There were a number of close games this past Sunday and several upsets (in my opinion). Let’s get straight to it.


I have to start off tipping my hat to The Jazzhaus.  They secured their first win of the season on Sunday over Spacepussy and it was a hell of a game.  Jazzhaus led nearly the entire game, but it was definitely a back and forth battle.  Spacepussy fought hard and kept the game close.  Jazzhaus didn’t falter and continued to eke out runs to hold onto a 14-11 victory.  Everyone in the league now has a win.  Great job Jazzhaus.


Love Garden came out and handled their business this go-around during their GOTW.  They looked confident and seemed to have a good strategy for the game.  They were consistent throughout the game and played well for the majority of the game.

Chalmersiz looked decent as well; they just had a few too many errors to come out victorious.  This game was a close one as many assumed it would be.  Don’t be surprised if you see either of these two teams (or both) duking it out again in a few week for the championship.


Pita Pit suffered their first loss of the season this week as well, and it happened in unlikely fashion.  The game final was 10-5, while Das Boot somehow managed to put up 8 of those runs in the first inning – unbelievable.  With the loss Pita Pit becomes the last team in the league to lose a game this season, per usual.

It was also a great victory for Das Boot who came into the game 0-2 in Pool 1.  I’m sure most of you have seen the picture of Das Brad’s foot/ankle.  It doesn’t look pretty.  Hopefully it’s not end of his season.

Wildman Attack Force fell again for the third consecutive week losing to Hurtz Donut 8-3.  The loss drops them to 0-3 in pool play.  They have some work to do if they are going to turn it around for post season play.  Luckily for them they get one more tune up game with week 11 this year.

Red Lyon also took another tough loss this week, which gives them losses in three out of the past four weeks.  Sacred Sword defeated them 11-7, a huge win for Sacred Sword who has struggled of late as well.

The Goats likely felt like they let one slip through their fingers against the Barracudas as well.  The Barracudas came out pretty flat and the Goats were painting the lines with great kicks in the early goings, scoring in every inning through four innings to take an 8-2 lead going into the top of the 5th.  From that point on the Goats wouldn’t score another run although they had runners on base and in scoring position a few times.

The Barracudas opened up the flood gates offensively, scoring 13 runs over the final 5 innings – including two home runs – and made some key defensive plays to keep the Goats from scoring.  It was definitely a game of momentum and when it swung in the Barracudas favor it swung hard.  It was one of the more dramatic kickball games I’ve ever been a part of and luckily for us we came out on top.


There were also a few close games this week that sounded like great matchups.  Dirty Mike and the Boyz finally pulled out a close game, winning 9-7 over a Brewballers squad that has played well lately.

Channel 6 won a close game against Balls Deep as well, winning by the same margin, 9-7.

Lastly, the Rockets squeaked out a one run win over Gang Green 11-10 after suffering a tough one run loss to Balls Deep a week ago.  They continue to do exactly opposite of what I predict so maybe for their benefit I’ll pick them to lose for the remainder of the season.

It was a great week of kickball and I’m looking forward to the remainder of the season.  It’s sad that we are so near the end but it’s been a fun season so far.  From here on opponents and outcomes will be somewhat unpredictable, which always makes for some intriguing games and stories.

Cheers to the final month of kickball,