Week 10 is upon us AND where the hell does the time go?

Ah, kickball community.  It has been too long.  With only one week in the regular season remaining, I felt it time to insert a reflection post.  I missed doing the blog this year and I FIRMLY believe Mike has hoisted a proud flag of  prattle and perpetual crap-talk-itude that few dignified folks could match.  Thanks Mike, may the doldrums of KC bring you that golden fleece you so seek.

Inspiration(?) It was easy to be inspired by the meteoric rise of now President Barrack Obama.  His pasting of Alan Keyes to win an Illinois Senate seat, his brief but noticeable tenure in the Senate, several turbulent Democratic primaries, and a general election victory (365-173) over McCain/Palin.  By the way, no one has been beaten that badly in a presidential election since sitting VP G.H.W.Bush over Gov. Michael Dukakis (426-111) in 1988.  That would be akin to losing 25 to 1 in the KVKL, me thinks.

So, awash with inspirado, how could I possibly follow that with an ambitious agenda as 2009 KVKL Commissioner?  I believe the answer to be quite simple: delegate responsibility, patience, and a sanguine outlook towards the future. Firstly, this may be the cause of some debate, ambitious agenda’s may not be a great fit for the KVKL (see the KVKL community forum).  I’m a hands-on person, so delegating has not been my specialty.  Clearly defined roles for all pertinent league contributors would have made accountability much more cogent.  It then would have been easier to assess our individual and collective success/fail rates.  More leadership was needed here.  Simply put, I believe I failed in this arena.  Patience, on the other hand, came in spurts.  It was only the repeat offenders that led me to question their intentions and my willingness to publicly spank them for their actions.  By the way, I’m all for public flogging.  Flog away.  Lastly, a cheery outlook?  Seriously, that’s all you need in this league.

The best part about being in this league, regardless of one’s position, is the folks that show up every week. Seriously, you all make the league work.  Sure, I’m the grouchy bastard on Sunday’s shooing folks away from Hobbs after G.O.T.W. Yes sirs and ma’ams, it doesn’t always come off so well.  Or, how about when I chastise you about throwing trash in the aluminum recycling bins or simply for not picking up after yourselves.  I know, I know….all these mixed signals!  What to do?  It’s important to realize that we have ALL created something, something special.  This league, among it’s followers, is the toast and talk of the town in ALL seasons.  How many of you have been approached in the off-season about kickball?  There are 30 teams and probably 600 (more or less) players/fans/auxillaries.  That, ladies and gentleman, represents a constituency.  A group with a voice, a mission, and even the power to make a difference (our donation to Heath Care Access last year is a fine example as are the donations for Andrew from Girls w/LSE).  So with that presence, and the nature of what we do, I feel it important to behave above reproach.  We are members of this community (after all, most fields are IN our neighborhoods).  I believe we should strive to make a difference where and when we can at only a cost to ourselves.  Read again, with a little foresight WE ARE NOW ABLE TO MAKE SUBSTANTIVE CHANGES IN OUR COMMUNITY BY playing KICKBALL.  This is no joke and yes, that just happened. How’s that for ambitious agenda?

While it may not always appear so, I am eternally grateful to you all.

Proudly, I have served at the pleasure of the Kaw Valley Kickball League.