Week 10: Liz’s Post

Welcome back kickball lovers!!  After a week off, players were eager to get back in the swing of things this week.  Pool play continues and with teams evenly matched, there were good games across the board.  Lots of excitement on all fields!  Pool play really brings out the desire to win in all teams, especially with the tournament coming up next week.
Here are my picks for this week:

Shortest Shorts: Kristin from Space Pussy; maybe it wasn’t shorts, per se, but when the blue skirt came off the Wonder Woman costume, I’m sure there were some hearts racing in the stands

Best Ensemble: again, Kristin from Space Pussy; Wonder Woman… duh!

Best facial Hair: Mick Cottin of the Late Fees, or should I say Grizzly Adams; runner up Adrian Proctor of Love Garden, a fine example of ginger beards

Cutest dog: gotta go with Hank again; I mean, did you see the cheerleader outfit he was wearing, along with a blonde wig, there is no question

Best Sportsmanship: ELNA for providing delicious grub and KVKL for supporting the cause

Least sportsmanship: any little kid that got a hold of a water gun; no, it is definitely NOT ok to launch an assault on your elders while they are trying to drink their beer in peace

GOTW started off with Kevin Young throwing out the first pitch.  No doubt, a sign of things to come.  What an outstanding game!  Both teams were hungry for a victory and there were no punches pulled.  Starting out in the lead, the Pussies runs were soon answered by Jazzhaus.  Back and forth, the game came down to base running. We all know how important it is, but in such a tight race, its about speed and tactic. Why not take advantage of a bad throw back to the pitcher?  Or how about pushing that single to a double on a missed catch at first?  If you want to score runs, you gotta take risks, especially in a pressure situation like this.  Eventually Jazzhaus pulled it out, winning 12-7.