Week 10 Preview

It’s hard to believe that we are already heading into the final week of pool play.  Teams have one last chance to test themselves against opponents of similar skill, and then we’re on to rivalry week and ultimately putting on our dancing shoes for the big event, the end of the season tournament.

If Mother Nature keeps us dry, rivalry week should add an interesting new twist to the schedule.  It will be interesting to see how the matchups work out and if it shakes things up for tournament seeding.


This is definitely the showdown I’ve been looking most forward to since the pool scheduling came out, and it’s fitting that they are the only two teams playing this week who are 2-0 in pool play.  These are two of the KVKL heavyweights and both have significant upgrades this season.  One of the beautiful things about bringing on new players is the fact that other teams don’t really know how to play you until they’ve seen a couple of spins through the kicking order.  Being a bit abstruse is extremely advantageous in sports, kickball included.

The Chalmersiz have been climbing the contender ladder for a few seasons now and they should be amped up to show what they can do under the lights.  I’m hoping a few GOTW shenanigans will keep them loose on the field and ready to show what they are capable of.  They have a solid defense and force opponents into playing their style of kickball.  If they execute the way they are capable they could wind up on top in this one.

Love Garden has likely been playing with a bit of a chip on their shoulders after suffering a tough loss in week seven.  They have a couple of upgrades of their own and should be ready to display their talents in a forum where they’ve struggled mightily in recent years – Hobbs Park Games of the Week.  This team is riddled with emotion and is a formidable force to face when they are high on the hog.  They can also implode a bit when the ball isn’t bouncing their way.  I’m guessing they come out focused tonight and ready to take care of business.

Either way, you’ll likely see the victors cutting some rug on the Replay dance floor after the game, but will it be an enchantment under the sea or a Candle “pants off dance off”?  The journey begins with the setting sun.


GOTW: Love Garden > Chalmersiz 7-6

Pool 1

Pita Pit > Das Boot

Pita Pit rolls on just like a season ago.  Boot hasn’t had the offense to put up a fight so far this season.

Goats > Barracudas

A battle for second place in the top pool.  Should be a good one.

Pool 2

Hurtz Donut > Wildman Attack Force

Both teams are searching for their first win in pool play.

Pool 3

Los Matadores > Party!!

Probably one of the more compelling games this week.  Party!! has somehow flown under the radar all season long.  This could be a close one and the outcome could shake up seedings a bit.

Shaolin Shadowboxers >Slowride

The Shadowboxers are looking to finish up their good season on a high note.  Slowride could really use a win for a morale boost and hope to avoid falling apart down the stretch as they did a season ago.

Pool 4

Screamers > Free State

Screamers look to close out pool play undefeated.  They will be a tough out come tournament time.  It’ll be interesting to see where they land.

Red Lyon > Sacred Sword

Red Lyon is looking to get back to form. Sacred Sword, well, back to the drawing board.

Pool 5

Corksuckers > West Coast

The Corksuckers are on quite a winning streak lately and look to carry their momentum into the post season.

Liberty Hall > Asteroid Head

Liberty Hall can get back to .500 with a win, but don’t sleep on Asteroid Head.  Every now and then they really show what they are capable of.

Pool 6

Channel 6 > Balls Deep

Cougar kicks a walk-off grand slam, takes 5 whiskey shots, and C-walks all over Replay tonight.

Gang Green > Rockets

Rockets…I love you, but the growing pains continue.

Pool 7

Brewballers > Dirty Mike & the Boyz

The Brewballers are back on track. Dirty Mike and the Boyz have lost a number of close games this season.  This week will likely be no different.

Ghosts > Tellerdactyls

Toss up.  First to 10 wins.

Pool 8

Harper Valley PTA > Bald Beavers

The pirate ship sails into battle on a two game win streak hungry for more.  Good thing they bring cookies.

Jazzhaus > Spacepussy

Will the last defeated team find their first win of the year?  Not if there’s pussy control.

***Home Team in Bold***