Week 11 Preview

I’m not sure that Rivalry Week is the proper term for the week, but regardless it is great to have an extra week of kickball on the schedule – and finally some relief from the weather.  It’s not supposed to get anywhere near triple digits today for probably the first time all summer.  Has anyone else noticed that Sunday has been the hottest day of the week all summer?  There are a bunch of great games this week that could all have huge post season tournament implications.  It’s definitely a week to make your mark and impress the board in order to get the best possible seeding.

The temperature during the GOTW should be absolutely beautiful.  Here’s to a great week of kickball.

If you’re heading down to the Replay after the game be sure to check out ex-kickballer Iain Ellis playing for the Leotards.  They open for Long Shadow.  The weather will be great. Come out and dance!

GOTW: Los Matadores > Hurtz Donutz (13-6)

I’m guessing the Matadores are coming into this game with a chip on their shoulder.  If they stick to their game plan they should be successful.  If they get too amped up and begin to make mistakes they could dig themselves a big hole.

The Hurtz Donut D-Holes have had quite an impressive season.  I’m willing to bet they approach this game with a much more playful attitude.  If they can keep their fun, light-spirited nature they should be playing some loose kickball could and come away with the win.  If they are having a bit too much fun they could be in for a long evening.


Lyons is the place to be for the most competitive games of the day.  Of the four games being played, five of the teams have been in the top pool at least once in the last two seasons.  If you need to do some tournament scouting, get out your clip board and head north of the river.

5:00 GAMES

Sacred Sword > Slowride

Both teams are coming off of huge wins a week ago after struggling a bit down the home stretch.  Another win will go a long way for getting a better seed for the tournament.  It should be a good defensive battle.

Goats > Chalmersiz

This game could easily go either way.  I’m giving the nod to the Goats only because of their offensive capabilities.  Chalmersiz have a great defense, but an error or two could ruin their plans.

6:30 GAMES

Love Garden > Das Boot

It’s another great matchup.  It’ll be interesting to see if Boot can carry over the intensity from last week’s huge win (their first ever in against a pool 1 team I believe).  Love Garden looks to show that they easily could have been a pool 1 team.

Red Lyon > Liberty Hall

If Red Lyon continues to slide, their season could be in jeopardy.  However, they are a serious threat to better teams if they draw a low tournament seed.  Liberty Hall likely lacks the fire power to compete with Red Lyon’s speed and aggressive base running.


If you like offense, look no further.  I can’t even begin to estimate how many boots will stamp home plate this evening, but with eight games being played we’re easily talking 150 plus.

5:00 Games

Cork Suckers > Free State Growlers

The Cork Suckers have been on quite a roll, winning their past seven contests.  They come into this matchup with plenty of confidence, but watch out.  Free State has played quality competition and taken some tough losses over the past three weeks.  If they can keep their confidence up they could give the Suckers a run for their money.

Spacepussy > Bald Beavers

Ah yes, the Pussy Bowl.  Who doesn’t love that?  Spacepussy won their first matchup by seven runs.  This one should be similar.

Wildman Attack Force > Party!!

Wildman desperately needs a win for a confidence booster.  They really struggled in pool play and could use a win going into the tournament.  Party has shown glimpses of great kickball and continue to fly under the radar as a dangerous team.

Tellerdactyls > Jazzhaus

Jazzhaus is going for two consecutive wins after getting their first win a week ago.  The Tellerdactyls try to end a drought heading into the post season.

6:30 Games

Screamers > Shaolin Shadowboxers

These are two totally capable teams.  This is a game I which I could see for myself.  Lots of talent on both sides.  Hopefully everyone shows up and it’s a quality, competitive game.

Brewballers > The Rockets

Great matchup.  Let’s just say I’m picking against the Rockets cuz I like those guys and gals, if that makes any sense.

Dirty Mike & the Boyz > Harper Valley PTA

Dirty Mike keeps rolling after a big win last week.  Harper puts their magical 3 game winning streak on the line.  They won’t go down without a fight.

Ghosts > Balls Deep

The Ghosts have put up quite a few run the past few weeks.  If that trend continues Balls Deep is in trouble.  Balls Deep hasn’t had the offensive productivity they’d like to have this season.  If they can keep the game low scoring they have a fighting chance.


5:00 Game

Channel 6 > West Coast

This looks to be an even matchup.  It all depends on which teams show up.  West Coast took a tough loss last week and look to bounce back.

6:30 Game

Gang Green > Asteroid Head

To me, this game is completely a toss-up.  I’ve seen Gang Green look as if they are starting to find their kickball groove, and look totally lost at other times.  Asteroid Head has the players to compete in most games, but I’m not sure they’ve put the same defense of the field twice all year.  If their players show they could easily win this game.


7:00 Game

Pita Pit > Barracudas

It was a lopsided affair last time out.  Hopefully we can keep it a bit more competitive this time around.  The last two meeting of these teams have been blowouts for each respective side.  Hopefully this will be a down to the wire grudge match.