Week 11 in Review

It’s hard to argue about playing extra kickball. The weather alone was automatically like an extra shot of Everclear in the Kool-Aid.    Compliments to the KVKL Board for trying out something new this season.  Novelty is always appreciated in my book.

This week’s games went just about the way I thought they would, but on paper that meant a lot of upsets that could shake up tournament seeding a bit.  The Chalmersiz (Pool 2) defeated The Goats (Pool 1), Love Garden (Pool 2) defeated Das Boot (Pool 1), … actually to save you some time I’ll just say that at least one team from a lower ranked pool (and twice in many cases) beat a team from a higher pool with Pool 8’s lone game against Pool 7 as the only exception.  If that doesn’t cause some difficulty in seeding teams I don’t know what will.   The major issue always seems to be over which teams leap-frog another team from a higher ranked pool for tournament seeding.  The extra week has given us one more game for the resume, but as we’ve seen in this league time and time again, one game doesn’t necessarily represent the entire body of work.

We are hours away from finding out how the seeding will shake out and start talking matchups, toughest road to title, winners, losers, and the annual grumblings about who is the latest contestant on The Snubbed and the Loved.

I’ll cut it short today because I’ll be sandwiched between Cougar and Cobra Kie and joined by a few others tonight to break it all down – and that’s more kickball lovin’ than most can handle in a day.  Come on down to Harbour Lights and listen to a Cougar, a Cobra, and a ‘Cuda in this year’s edition of KVKL: Tournament Talk.