Congratulations to all the teams who made it to the second round of tournament play this past Sunday!  And to those teams who didn’t play, hopefully you were able to come out and root for your friends, despite the energy draining heat.

Congratulations go to the Tellerdactyles for winning the Less Awesome bracket!!  They beat Murda on Wednesday and the Ghosts on Sunday to meet the Free State Growlers. The fielding by both teams was top notch, making it a fun game to watch.

Abraxas pulled out a victory over Happy Shirt to win the Awesome Bracket.  Congratulations on a hard fought win!  This game was a great example of how important smart, aggressive base running is.  Its hard not to root for both teams when you see such a great display of Spiderman inspired snags on defense and the savvy place kicking on offense.

Thanks to the KVKL Commission, the Commish Jacki Becker, and the KVKL community for another great kickball season.  Summer wouldn’t be complete without hot Sundays on the field, cold beers with friends, and the stinky after party at the end of the night.  I want to send out good vibes to those who are recovering from injuries incurred this season.  Heal quickly, friends.  Don’t forget to come out and support the league at the End of the Season bash coming up on September 13th at Abe & Jakes.  See how many people you don’t recognize when they’re not dirty and wearing jerseys.

Looking forward to seeing you all next year!

Liz out.