Week 2 Preview, or: Predictions at the Very Least

Happy Shirt > Where’s My Pitches?
Los Matadores > Bulletproof Tigers
Red Lyon > Harper Valley PTA
Chalmersiz > Taco Tuesday
Hotel Lobby > Kunt Punts
Free State Growlers > Goats
Wildman Attack Force > Brewballers
Channel 6 > Murda, Inc.
Rats > Merchants of Death
Hurtz Donut D-Holes > AsteroidHEAD
Sacred Sword > Jazzhaus
Rockets > Basil Ride
Love Garden Squids > Ghosts
Das Boot > Up to Eleven Late Fees
Terrebonne Po’ Boys > Space Pussy
Bad News Bagels > Screamers

It’s probably popular to say right meow, given last week’s result, but picking the Free State Growlers to beat the Goats shouldn’t necessarily be a huge surprise. After all, last season the Goats narrowly escaped in extra innings (8-7, 12 innings) against this same Free State team. The main difference is the Goats lost personnel, whereas the Growlers have stayed the same. I can’t remember the last time the Goats started 0-2, though, so a loss to the Jazzhaus will definitely motivate Shaher and co. to prevent that.

Following last week’s dismantling of Basil Ride (and demolition last year, 27-13), Channel 6 continues to go beneath KVKL’s radars, just like last season. And like last season, Channel 6 faced Murda, Inc. at Holcolm—though this time on Left rather than Blue. Murda, Inc. lost 10-4, and I suspect the game will be play out similarly unless Murda, Inc. can adjust its defense.

Finally, the Bad News Bagels looks to continue crushing teams, though this time against several FBKL’s Snack Pack teammates on the Screamers. The Bagels are good at getting in teams’ heads—kind of like the old Screamers—by aggressive base-running and forcing defenses to make plays, which often result in mounting errors and easy runs. If the Screamers want to be in this game, it’s going to have to strike first (and often) while limiting the top of the Bagels’ lineup.