Week 3 Predictions: with added whining

Sorry again for the late in the week posting on this one, i had myself all amped up after last week, and i was ready to take to the blog no later than monday morning. Something happened though, we had a ref in our game vs. tellers that was blatantly attempting to push the game in Teller’s direction. This led to some confrontational attitudes, and overall if i would have posted something that close to the game, the post would have been nothing but libelous statements about the referee who shall remain nameless. Personally if I were to feel that strongly about the outcome of the game, I would recuse myself from officiating. I guess we can’t all be that pious but i’ve always tried to live by a pretty simple rule WWDBD (what would deron belt do?).

Red Lyon wins vs. Open Sky (though I expect they will yet again prove they can hang with competitive teams)
Love Garden wins vs. Mad Greek (yet another team that will prove they are going to be competitive)
West Coast wins vs. Channel 6 (i don’t know how well ch 6 plays so i picked the familiar)
Weavers wins vs. solidarity (nuff said)
Tellers wins vs. Liberty Hall (i think the only way liberty could win this one was if brett allen reffed the game)
Sacred Sword wins vs. GWLSE (fun will be had but i will always pick the sword because i’m biased like that)
Pita Pit wins vs. Das Boot (don’t know much about das boot but the champs are pretty much a lock)
First Blood wins vs. Slowride (same as the Pit, sure thing)
Rangelife wins vs. Screamers (this is my pick against the grain of the week but i think candlepants can lead the charge)
Yellow Sub wins vs. Brew Ballers (i definitely think this one will be competative)
Astrokitty wins vs. Free State (I think Santos is making them a stronger team this year)
Eastsiders wins vs. Lady Lumps (eastsiders are always a top team and it can’t help lady lumps that Love Garden did some infield Poaching this year)
Jazzhaus wins vs. Miltons (jazzhaus is ready to compete yet again this year)
Blue Collar wins vs. Wildman (another close game in my opinion but i’m banking on lerner’s base running to take it home).