Week 3 Preview

The week 3 GOTW is an important game for both West Coast and Balls Deep.  Both teams come into the game at 1-1 and a win will go a long way for both teams as they fight to stay afloat in the John Brown division.  Anything can happen under the lights of Hobbs.  Hopefully this game will be a bit more competitive than last weeks game.

For the third week in a row Los Matadores are at the top of my best games to watch.  They definitely play a front-heavy schedule and starting off 2-1 would be a huge success even with the forfeiture of their week 1 game. I haven’t had a chance to watch Wildman Attack Force up close, but they booted a couple balls over the fence onto our field last week.  Each of these teams seems to be gelling well after only two weeks of play.  This should be a defensive battle where getting base runners on base in scoring position with zero or one out will be crucial to the outcome.  I’m anxious to hear how this one plays out.

Other than that, it doesn’t look like there are many interesting match ups.  I hope I’m wrong and there are a few upsets this week. Unfortunately for me nearly all the games I’ve ranked as good match ups are 7:00 games, the same time as our game, so I won’t be able to watch.

I’m excited to play the 7:00 game at Hobbs when the Barracudas square off against Channel 6 News.  The early game at Hobbs is actually one of my favorite games to play.  There is no need to be there too early and you don’t have to travel anywhere.  Plus I get to heckle Cougar and intentionally make plays closer than necessary so we can argue about the nuances of kickball.  I might even throw a base or two and kick dirty on Cougar’s metal spiked cleats.

For those of you with early (5:30) games, don’t hesitate to drop by Hobbs early.  I’m planning on dragging my grill out for a little post game/pre-GOTW cook out.  I’m sure we’ll have some extra food, but feel free to bring something to throw on the grill if you like.  There, I plugged my game.

Happy kickballing,


1. West Coast  > Balls Deep (9-4)

2. Wildman Attack Force > Los Matadores

3. Hurtz Donut Holes > Dirty Mike

4. Screamers > Asteroid Head

5. Party!! > Free State

6. Liberty Hall > Brewballers

7. Goats > Rockets

8. Red Lyon > Corksuckers

9. Chalmers > Tellerdactyls

10. Barracudas > Channel 6

11. Love Garden > Ghosts

12. Slowride > Jazzhaus

13. Das Boot > Gang Green

14. Shaolin Shadowboxers > Harper Valley

15. Sacred Sword > Spacepussy

16. Pita Pit > Bald Beavers

 ***Home team in bold