Week 4 in Review

Sacred Sword – a.k.a Sacred Bunt – new addition Denton Nichols demonstrates his bunting skills in a Week 4 win over Lawrence Gang Green

The forth week of kickball delivered much closer games than many of the previous weeks.  Looking at the score board, I noticed that of my top seven games three were decided by five runs or less; Liberty Hall over Los Matadores, Shaolin Shadowboxers over the Ghosts, and Hurtz Donut D-Holes over Slowride,  and two of these games were upsets in my eyes; victories by Liberty Hall and Hurtz Donut.  Impressive wins for the victors no doubt about it.  On paper I chose the wrong team in these games but I distinctly remember claiming that they were upset alerts on the podcast last week.  So at least I’m on record.

The GOTW was a fun one this week too.  The recycling bins were overflowing with cans and I think that Troy from Red Lyon and Andy from the Rockets filled up one by themselves while shotgunning beers throughout the game.  I challenge any team to outdo that performance.  It could have been something in my eye but I think I saw Troy take a couple of sets toward third base after kicking before realizing that he had to go to first base first.  Excellent performance gentlemen and gentlewomen.

For those of you who haven’t seen Red Lyon play until now, you should now realize that they are a force to be reckoned with.  Their roster is filled with savvy veterans who know their way around the kickball diamond and their newest additions make them a viable threat to win a game on any given Sunday.  They are aggressive base runners, meaning if you make mistakes you will pay the price.

The Rockets are the best winless kickball team in the country.  You find me a 0-4 kickball team that can beat them and I’ll figure out the rest of the logistical nonsense to make it happen and put my money on the Rockets.  If they can keep their confidence up, they should be able to go on a winning streak for the rest of division play and I feel sorry for the other teams they’ll face in pool play.  Keep your heads up Rockets.  You play kickball the right way, or should I say “Wright Way”.

Congratulations to the Hurtz Donut Holes and Liberty Hall on big wins this week as well.  The Hurtz Donut Holes are slowing coming into form and it seems their new additions are learning the ropes.  Liberty Hall stepped up big time with the return of their captain and grand daddy Deron playing through injury.

Week 5 should be an interesting week with many of the games being played at abnormal KVKL sites for the 2012 season including the Fair Grounds, Woodlawn, and South Park – yes, South Park!  Sheneneh, Oh my goodness!  You lucky dogs.  Personally, I really like the Fair Grounds as well and I’m excited to play out there.  Remember, if you’re unfamiliar with your playing site the time is now to reserve your field and get some practice in.

– Captain Cuda



Ah yes, excellent point by Mallory Wright.  I forgot to mention exceptional looking dick towels the Rockets created for their game of the week.  Who knew a rocket could look so similar to a penis?  I’m curious to know if the dick towel hanging from the females unis felt empowering or if the idea of a penis-shaped rocket dangling off of you grossed you out?  I guess once you rubbed them down a bit with your balmy hands you probably became a bit used to the whole idea.

Also, I need to give a HUGE shout out to Nick Lerner for providing the TV with the makeshift score board.  For a trial run I think it worked out wonderfully.  You better up your game Cougar, technology is taking over.  Pretty soon we might have a hologram of Harry Carey singing Take Me Out to the Ball Game.  Was this a one time deal or is this going to be provided every week?  Time will tell. Over and out.