Week 4 Post-Pre-Preview Preview, or: Shirt Stuff

The pre-Game of the Week of Red Lyon vs. Love Garden Squids at Broken Arrow has been rescheduled to an unknown date, time, and place. We encourage anyone interested in reffing to volunteer. I’m sure you can just contact a board member.

Additionally, the Terrebonne Po’Boys vs. Merchants of Death game has been rescheduled for 3 p.m. at Wrigley Field, Fairgrounds.

I’m curious: Anyone want to share their jerseys and/or koozies for the new season? I believe we did a photo collection last season, but nothing of the sort this year. I’ve seen a handful of new ones, just not up close. It’s always interesting to see the way in which teams go per new season—after a while I start associating certain teams with certain colors, even if the colors are no more, like Screamers’ yellow and the Goats’ gray. Has any team been the same color for more than three years now? I feel like Taco Tuesday has always been blue, and the Merchants of Death have always been gray. Aside from that, though, I can’t think of any that have remained unchanged for long. Even the Chalmersiz switched it up and got actual jerseys made!

Anyway. Here’s Wildman’s new #LFK seal logo.


Because Ad Astra Per Aspera is cool, but From Ashes To Immortality (not the band) is infinitely more badass. And Lawrence is awesome.