Week 4 Pre-Preview

2012, after eleven games
Happy Shirt 18 > 0 Taco Tuesday
Chalmersiz 15 > 0 Merchants
Red Lyon 8 > 0 Corksuckers
Love Garden 22 > 0 PTA
Ghosts 22 > 0 PTA
Das Boot 19 > 0 Late Fees
Sacred Sword 15 > 0 Growlers

2013, after ten games
Love Garden 12 > 0 Channel 6
Happy Shirt 27 > 0 Space Pussy
Goats 11 > 0 Rats
Free State 27 > 0 Space Pussy
Rockets 22 > 0 Ghosts

2014, after three games

Bad News Bagels 34 > 0 Brewballers
Up to Eleven Late Fees 20 > 0 Space Pussy
Hotel Lobby 17 > 0 Bulletproof Tigers
Wildman Attack Force 17 > 0 Screamers

As everyone probably already knows, the number of the week was . . . 0. A quarter of the week’s games were shutouts: Bad News Bagels 34 > 0 Brewballers; Up to Eleven Late Fees 20 > 0 Space Pussy; Hotel Lobby 17 > 0 Bulletproof Tigers; and Wildman Attack Force 17 > 0 Screamers. That’s a collective 88-0. What might be more surprising is that in 2013 (not including the playoffs), there were five shutouts . . . all season. And in 2012 (also not including the playoffs), there were seven. What can be done with that information, I don’t know. Might as well go ahead and predict we’ll see two more this Sunday, just ‘cuz.

0ther predictions:
Hurtz Donut D-Holes > Up to Eleven Late Fees
Happy Shirt > Murda, Inc.
Rats > Space Pussy
Ghosts > Harper Valley PTA (shutout rematch, 2012)
Sacred Sword > Goats
Bad News Bagels > Wildman Attack Force
Channel 6 > Where’s My Pitches?
Screamers > Bulletproof Tigers
Terrebonne Po’ Boys > Merchants of Death
Das Boot > AsteroidHEAD
Chalmersiz > Basil Ride
Jazzhaus > Free State Growlers
Kunt Punts > Brewballers
Hotel Lobby > Los Matadores
Red Lyon > Love Garden
Rockets > Taco Tuesday

Sacred Sword > Goats @ Woodlawn Elementary, 5 p.m.
The last time these teams met in the regular season (2011), Sacred Sword still had Simon S. and CJ K., and the Goats’ Scott S. hadn’t yet been enticed by Austin, TX. The Goats also lost (though I forget the score). I’m also only 1-2 on Goats’ game results this season, so this prediction may go in its favor. Sacred Sword is hitting its stride, scoring 23 against the Ghosts last week, while scoring in all but the 1st inning, whereas the Goats struggled to score against the Free State Growlers two weeks ago. Regardless, I expect a close, low-scoring game. And on grass, both teams will have to reacclimatize to the days of old, for better or worse.

Red Lyon > Love Garden Squids @ Broken Arrow, 7 p .m.
The Love Garden Squids seem to be having the most they’ve had in years, courtesy of new captain Rob Z.’s more laid-back approach to the game. And though they still want to win, so too does the Red Lyon. This is the early game at Hobbs, and looks to be the legit Game of the Week, with two old school teams squaring off for what could be the decisive game in the Langston Hughes division. Both teams have played statistically similarly so far: the Squids are 61/18 with a 43-point run differential; Red Lyon is 58/15, also with a 43-point run differential. Both teams also have two shared opponents (Harper Valley PTA and the Ghosts). I like Red Lyon in this game, strictly because of its veterans. The Squids have been around a long time, too, but it has a lot more new players (however new they may not be to the league).

Rockets > Taco Tuesday @ Broken Arrow, 9 p.m., Game of the Week
The Rockets look to avenge last week’s loss to Happy Shirt, and Taco Tuesday looks to avoid what could be a big loss under the lights. No longer a rebuilding year for the Rockets, Taco Tuesday tells a different story. Neither team scores a lot—in fact, the most runs between the two is 8, in favor of the Rockets, week 1—with the Rockets only totaling 20 this season and Taco Tuesday only scoring 10. The big difference is their defense: the Rockets’ point differential is -5, while Taco Tuesday is at -50. Should the taco enthusiasts manage to contain the loaded top half of its opponent, it has a chance at pulling off a major upset. In order to win, though, it still has to get on base, which it has clearly struggled with so far—and if James F. is up to his usual Game of the Week antics (i.e. base-stealing), Taco Tuesday may have a hard time keeping the Rockets away from home plate.