Week 4 Preview

Happy Father’s Day to all the real daddies out there and a special shout out to all of the kickball daddies. Is there a better way to celebrate the day than kickballing and drinking a few cold ones?  I think not.

For all you non-daddies out there with nothing important to do today, be sure to make your way to the GOTW tonight.  As he has done for many years now, Troy Pomeroy of Red Lyon will be shotgunning a beer before every at bat, or shall I say, at kick.  Get there early and make your way down to the front row and join him in this time-honored kickball tradition.

Happy Father’s Day.  It’s the dad life…



1. Red Lyon > Rockets (9-4)

2. Slowride > Hurtz Donut

3. Screamers > Channel 6

4. Party > West Coast

5. Free State > Balls Deep

6. Los Matadores > Liberty Hall

7. Shaolin Shadowboxers > Ghosts

8. Barracudas > Asteroid Head

9. Dirty Mike & the Boyz > Jazzhaus

10. Sacred Sword > Gang Green

11. Wildman Attack Force > Brewballers

12. Goats > Corksuckers

13. Pita Pit > Tellerdactyls

14. Das Boot > Spacepussy

15. Chalmersiz > Bald Beavers

16. Love Garden > Harper Valley PTA

***Home team in bold***