Week 5 lines

This week of kickball is going to melt faces. I can’t remember a week of division play with so many great games on the board. Everyone playing at Holcomb is in for a treat, especially with the early games, but potential game of the week (not GOTW) could be at Lyons with Goats and Wildman.

I’m changing the format this week. Just trying it out.


Goats @ Wildman

Favorite: Wildman           Line: 3                     O/U total runs: 21

The battle for first place in Carrie A. Nation. The winner is not guaranteed the 1-seed, but with only three games left in division play, it helps. Wildman has been more impressive in their wins this season, but Goats have the more impressive win (Afterparty!!). Both teams like to bunt on base runners and kick them home. Wildman will probably be able to put up runs, but they will have to maintain on defense if they don’t want to lose the KVKL Championship Belt this weekend.

Corksuckers @ Afterparty!!

Favorite: Afterparty!!        Line: 7                     O/U: 22

A good test for the Corksuckers. I imagine it will be too difficult for them to keep up with the Afterparty!! offense, but this is a good game for them to show they can compete with higher ranked opponents.

Rockets @ Free State

Favorite: Rockets              Line: 1                     O/U:  14

Free State is still looking for their first win, but they have kept every game competitive so far – they even had the lead against Wildman for 4 innings. Rockets had a difficult start to the season – Afterparty!! (week 1), Wildman (week 3), and Goats (week4) – and hope to start dishing it out rather than receiving. It will be interesting to see which way this game swings.

Rats @ West Coast

Favorite: West Coast     Line: 1                     O/U: 28

A good opportunity for West Coast to get their first win. Rats won’t sneak up on them like they did Free State, but it will still be a good game.


Reign of Terror @ Love Garden

Favorite: Love Garden   Line: 5                     O/U: 15

RoT is trying to avoid a three-way tie in the division – Das Boot and Slowride play each other also. To win, RoT needs to follow the Das Boot blueprint, not let the Love Garden’s initial offensive push get out of hand, get their own offense going early, and keep it going for a few innings. (LG has outscored opponents 22-1 in the first inning and Reign of Terror has been outscored 8-10 in the first.) If they can do this then they have a good chance to give LG consecutive losses for the first time in… I don’t know, ever? (Fact checker!)

Slowride @ Das Boot

Favorite: Das Boot           Line: 2                     O/U: 20

Das Boot has underachieved and overachieved in consecutive weeks, now they are just trying to achieve adequately. Both teams are trying to stay in striking distance of the 1-seed. Both teams play up and down to their opponents. Two foreseeable outcomes: 1) Low-scoring game in the single digits with Slowride winning by 1 run or 2) Both teams break the 10-run mark and Das Boot wins by a couple – like the RoT/Slowride game last week.

Harper Valley @ Tellers

Favorite: Tellers                 Line: 4                     O/U: 26

The GOTW spotlight is making magic happen this year, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it worked in favor of the Harpies.

Bullet Proof Tigers @ Toe Pokes

Favorite: Toe Pokes         Line: 3                     O/U: 23

BP Tigers are a victim of their division. They are playing fine and seem to have improved, but so has everyone else in Langston Hughes. Toe Pokes are no exception, they have turned up the defensive pressure this year.


Hurtz @ Abraxas

Favorite: Abraxas             Line: 5                     O/U: 25

Two undefeated teams that haven’t showed many weaknesses yet. Abraxas pounded Hurtz last year 31-3. I do think the game will be a little less lopsided this time. Hurtz has started off terrific this year. Abraxas, even better. Hurtz needs to get off to a fast start, which will be difficult – Abraxas has outscored opponents 14-0 in the first inning. Even if Hurtz can get some runs on the board, they will need to withstand the usual Abraxas onslaught.

Screamers @ Chalmersiz

Favorite: Chalmersiz      Line: 2                     O/U: 15

Chalmersiz and Screamers last met three seasons ago. Screamers put up 10 to 15 runs in the first inning, and won the game 93-4 if I remember correctly. I hope the outcome is a little different this time around. Both teams like to kick away, and as a result don’t score up to their potential.

Jazzhaus @ Liberty Hall

Favorite: Liberty Hall     Line: 4                     O/U: 22

The wily veterans of the Late Fees give them the edge against a much improved Jazzhaus team. The kickers on Jazzhaus will keep them in it.

Balls Deep @ Ghosts

Favorite: Ghosts                Line: 7                     O/U: 26

Both teams looking for their first win. Balls Deep looking for a little redemption after their 31-9 loss last year, but the Ghosts high-powered offense will give them the edge.


Happy Shirt @ Brew Ballers

Favorite: Happy Shirt       Line: 12                   O/U: 24

I’m surprised BB is winless so far. I don’t think that will change this week.

Los Matadores @ Asteroid Head

Favorite: Los Mats            Line: 10                    O/U: 22

Asteroid Head is trying to build on their momentum after surprising Red Lyon. Los Matadores trying not to stumble before their schedule picks up the next two weeks (Red Lyon, Happy Shirt).

Red Lyon @ Dirty Mike

Favorite: Red Lyon           Line: 6                     O/U: 20

Game TBD by what Red Lyon team shows up.

MUrda @ $P@C3Pu$$y!!

Favorite: MUrda                Line: 9                     O/U: 19

MUrda is not scoring as often as they did last year during division play, but I think they will make up for it in this game. Could be wrong.

Week 4 line scores:

Asteroid Head2300102008
Red Lyon1000140006
Brew Ballers1000022005
Reign of Terror3036032017
Happy Shirt56134302327
Balls Deep0000002002
Liberty Hall2100001206
Los Matadores40357031023
Dirty Mike1300001106
Harper Valley0101000002
Toe Pokes101001328
BP Tigers02610123015
West Coast30113013012
Love Garden2021013009
Das Boot0434200013