Week 6 Preview

Mario Chalmersiz > Murda, Inc. @ Lyons West, 5 p.m.

After allowing only two runs in the first two games, the Chalmersiz have since allowed 26 in three games, two of which were losses (Channel 6 and the Rockets). This is surprising considering Chalmersiz has always been known for its defense. Perhaps its new players have not quite acclimated to the defense-first mentality, but those two losses are also against teams that have particularly potent offenses. This could be a tough game for Chalmersiz with Murda, Inc. being able to score in droves. However, Murda, Inc.’s runs have been limited so far this season, scoring more than ten in only one game.

Rats > Up to Eleven Late Fees, @ Lyons West, 7 p.m.
The Rats have been a great team this season. Its lone loss is against the reigning champs, Terrebonne Po’ Boys, and that was only by four runs. The game-changer last week was the short field, Holcolm Left, allowing multiple home-runs (including a grand slam). This week will be different, though, against a Late Fees team that hasn’t scored more than 7 runs aside from its 20-point shut-out against Space Pussy in week 3. The Late Fees are ranked 25th in runs allowed (13.8 runs/game), while the Rats are tied for 12th (6.4 runs/game).

Das Boot > Merchants of Death @ Lyons East, 5 p.m.
Das Boot struggled against the Hurtz Donut D-Holes last week, only scoring 6. The Merchants of Death got its first win of the season, 9-2, against Space Pussy. Das Boot expects to bounce back against a Merchants team that has struggled defensively, allowing 11.8 runs/game. In Das Boot’s three wins, it has allowed 2.7 runs/game; in its losses, 13.5. If Merchants wants to win this game, it will have to find ways to score—it has yet to score more than nine runs in any game.

Terrebonne Po’ Boys > AsteroidHEAD @ Lyons East, 7 p.m.
One question of the season has been “Which AsteroidHEAD team is going to show up?” So far, it’s only really shown up against the Merchants of Death, winning 12-4. In its four losses, it hasn’t scored more than 6 runs, and averages 5.8 per game. Its defense has been better the past three games, but Terrebonne Po’ Boys’ offense has been brutal, averaging 20.75 in its last four games. Had the rain held off, AsteroidHEAD could have had a closer game against Das Boot in week 4, losing 7-4, but it will need to play its best game of the season.

Kunt Punts > Bulletproof Tigers @ Holcolm Right, 5 p.m.
Both teams have been improving as the season goes by, yet both teams are also winless, and their numbers aren’t particularly close. In four games, the Bulletproof Tigers have only scored 11 runs total; the Kunt Punts have scored 17. Defensively, however, the Tigers have allowed 91, whereas the Kunt Punts have allowed 38. If the Kunt Punts can go up early, it’ll be hard for a team that struggles to score to come back.

Los Matadores > Bad News Bagels @ Holcolm Right, 7 p.m.
Aside from its one hiccup against Hotel Lobby this season, Los Matadores have looked great, and its next two games will determine the top seeds in Pool Play. Both teams are 4-1, and both teams have similar numbers.

Team / Runs / Runs Allowed / Differential / Win %
Bagels / 84 / 20 / +64 / 80.77%
Matadores / 84 / 24 / +60 / 77.78%

The Bad News Bagels have a slight edge statistically, but Los Matadores have proven how good it is over the years. This ought to be an interesting game, though, with a lot of aggressive base-running—but still probably another low score. If you’re in the area, this should be one of your games to watch.

Red Lyon > Jazzhaus @ Holcolm Left, 5 p.m.
The Red Lyon’s make-up game against the Love Garden Squids didn’t go as well as it would have liked. It has its chance to redeem raining on Capt. Chris’ birthday parade with a win over the up-and-coming Jazzhaus squad, however. The Jazzhaus have won its last two games against long-time KVKL teams the Free State Growlers and the Ghosts. After struggling to score during its first two seasons, they’ve managed to put up 36 in those two wins.

Brewballers > Screamers @ Holcolm Left, 7 p.m.
The struggling Brewballers are looking for its first win, and the Screamers are looking to score for the first time in three weeks (game 4 has been rescheduled). The Screamers have been better than the Brewballers defensively, and neither team’s offense has clicked with both teams having been shut-out this season. The Screamers have only scored 10 runs in four games, while the Brewballers have scored 18. The big difference is on the defensive end: the Screamers have allowed 64, and Brewballers have allowed 114. Playing on the short field of Holcolm Left gives Brewballers’ big legs an advantage, but, regardless, both teams have to play defense to ensure a win.

Rockets > Where’s My Pitches? @ Holcolm Red, 5 p.m.
The Rockets, for some reason, haven’t been talked about much this season. It was the darling team early on in 2013, but after a lackluster start in which it went 3-4 and dropped to Rank Pool 6, it was mostly forgotten. This year it’s 2-2 (game 4 to be rescheduled) and has a good win against Murda, Inc., a better win against Chalmersiz, and it hung with Happy Shirt for most of the game. Where’s My Pitches?, meanwhile, continues its scoring woes, having amassed a league low 7 in four games, with 4 being its most all season (against Murda, Inc.).

Sacred Sword > Harper Valley PTA @ Holcom Red, 7 p.m.
Sacred Sword couldn’t score against Love Garden and Harper Valley PTA narrowly missed its chance at winning back-to-back games. Expect a more laid-back S-Word team to take some vengeance out early and then coast through the game. The PTA improves each week, though, and has only allowed 9 goals in its last two games—a marked improvement from year’s past.

Happy Shirt > Basil Ride @Holcolm Gold, 5 p.m.
After avoiding what would have been an epic upset in Game of the Week against Channel 6, Happy Shirt looks to continue its absolute regular season domination. In my five years in the league, I can’t remember Happy Shirt losing a game in the regular season—only during the tournament—and it undoubtedly won’t happen this week, either. Basil Ride has a good win over the Rockets, but its other two (Where’s My Pitches? and Taco Tuesday) are over teams at the bottom of the standings.

Love Garden Squids > Free State Growlers @ Holcolm Gold, 7 p.m.
Love Garden is on track for its first Rank Pool 1 spot in a few years, having already beaten Sacred Sword and Red Lyon. But to earn it the Squids will have to defeat a hungry Growlers team and the Goats in week 7. Any doubts about this new(ish) Love Garden team should be laid to rest—it has allowed only 6 runs its last three games (that’s including one to Red Lyon and three to Sacred Sword), and that’s pretty damn good. Free State stole a win from Harper Valley PTA last week to finally get on the board. Getting another may prove challenging in the final two weeks before Pool Play.

Hurtz Donut D-Holes > Space Pussy @ Holcolm Blue, 5 p.m.
Beating Das Boot last week put the Hurtz Donut D-Holes in place for the two or three spot in Pool Play, depending on what happens in week 7. Knowing that the top spots could potentially come down to run differential, I don’t expect the D-Holes to let up one whit against the beat and bruised Space Pussy. It has allowed 111 runs in five games, and only scored 15 total.

Channel 6 > Taco Tuesday @ Holcolm Blue, 7 p.m.
Channel 6 played a close game against Happy Shirt, it just couldn’t capitalize when it needed to most in perhaps the fastest Game of the Week, taking only 65 minutes to complete. Taco Tuesday still struggles to defend, and Channel 6 really enjoys kicking the hell out of the ball, so a close game is unlikely. In four games, Taco Tuesday has averaged 19 runs allowed; Channel 6 has allowed only 5.75 in four.

Goats > Ghosts @ Hobbs, 7 p.m.
These two long-time teams are a collective 2-8 on the season, which is in and of itself a surprise. The Goats are fighting to potentially stay in the top three of Pool Play, but will have to get past a Ghosts team that’s aching for a win and then the formidable Love Garden Squids. If Free State loses to Love Garden and the Ghosts don’t win this game, the Growlers and Ghosts will be playing for the 7-seed in the Langston Hughes division, and as much of a struggle the Ghosts have had preventing runs, the Goats will look to exploit that immediately.

Hotel Lobby = Wildman Attack Force @ Hobbs, 9 p.m.
The top two defensive teams in the league play for what very well could be the 1-seed in Pool Play. Hotel Lobby has allowed a league-best 10 runs in five games; Wildman Attack Force has allowed 14 (tied with Happy Shirt). On the other hand, Wildman has scored more runs than any other team (98), has the highest run differential (+84), and highest winning percentage (87.5%). Don’t expect either team to put up 20, though, or even 10. These two teams met last year, with Wildman winning 5-4 in the bottom of the 9th, in what was one helluva game. This match will hopefully be just as good and intense.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to get in my team limo. Happy birthday, ‘Merica!