Week 5 Preview, or: Now with More Numbers

I hadn’t planned on writing a Week 5 preview because Jackie already beat me to it. But now that post seems to have disappeared, unfortunately. And, given the 61% chance of rain today—goddammit—a preview may be unnecessary. These last three weeks are when the games get serious(ly awesome), and the more you can watch the better off you’ll be. Of course that’s difficult to actually do, so watch what you can when you can.

So, predictions first:

Das Boot > Hurtz Donut D-Holes
Hotel Lobby > Screamers
Free State Growlers > Harper Valley PTA
Kunt Punts > Bad News Bagels
Basil Ride > Taco Tuesday
Merchants of Death > Space Pussy
Terrebonne Po’ Boys > Rats
Rockets > Chalmersiz
Jazzhaus > Ghosts
Los Matadores > Brewballers
Bulletproof Tigers > Wildman Attack Force
Murda, Inc. > Where’s My Pitches?
Up to Eleven Late Fees > AsteroidHEAD
Red Lyon > Goats
Sacred Sword > Love Garden Squids
Happy Shirt > Channel 6

Das Boot > Hurtz Donut D-Holes @ Lyons West, 5 p.m.
Das Boot had what could have ended up a closer game against AsteroidHEAD last week, winning 7-3 in 5 innings, due, of course, to rain. Hurtz, on the other hand, smashed the Late Fees 37-6 in 8 innings (run-ruled). In Hurtz’s three wins, it’s averaging 21.3 runs/game. In its loss against the Rats, week 3, it only put up 6. Das Boot is averaging 19.7 runs/win. Through four games, these two teams are awfully similar statistically.

Team / Record / Runs / Runs Allowed / Run Differential / Win %
Das Boot / 3-1 / 67 / 23 / +44 / 74.44%
Hurtz / 3-1 / 70 / 23 / +47 / 75.27%

Like many games, this one will come down to errors, and from what I’ve seen and heard, Hurtz is making more than Das Boot. Additionally, Das Boot hasn’t changed much over the years, whereas Hurtz is still forming its identity after bringing in so many new players.

Terrebonne Po’ Boys > Rats @ Holcolm Left, 5 p.m.
The Terrebonne Po’ Boys handily beat the Merchants of Death last Sunday before the rain fell. In doing so, the Po’ Boys made it rain on their own, with, what? four home runs, two of which were by Capt. Kris Marshall (one a grand slam). If the rain holds off, this is exactly the field on which the reigning champs would love to play. The Rats are averaging 11.5 runs/game opposed to the Po’ Boys’ 19.25, though both teams are only allowing 4.5 runs/game. (Only four teams are allowing less: Happy Shirt and Hotel Lobby, 2.5; Wildman Attack Force, 2.75; Chalmersiz, 3.75.) This game will come down to, well, probably home runs. And experience. Both teams can blast the ball, but Terrebonne has the edge.

Team / Record / Runs / Runs Allowed / Run Differential / Win %
Rats / 4-0 / 46 / -17 / +29 / 73.02%
Po’ Boys / 4-0 / 77 / -17 / +60 / 81.91%

Sacred Sword > Love Garden Squids @ Hobbs, 7 p.m.
There are a lot of games this week I’d love to see, this one in particular. Love Garden looks to be having more fun than it has in years. Sacred Sword seems to be enjoying itself a lot more, too. Both teams’ new relatively laid-back attitude can only help their playing styles, and these two have been, for the most part, pretty similar: bunt, bunt, and blast away. After four games, Sacred Sword is averaging 6.75 runs allowed/game; Love Garden, after three games, is allowing 6 runs. Love Garden, however, has an edge by the numbers offensively, having scored as many runs as Sword in three games (61 apiece among two shared opponents: Jazzhaus and Ghosts).

Team / Record / Runs / Runs Allowed / Run Differential / Win %
Squids / 3-0 / 61 / -18 / +43 / 77.22%
Swords / 4-0 / 61 / -27 / +43 / 69.32%

With both teams stacked with veterans and defensive-minded players, this should be an amazing game, probably back and forth, and probably going down to the ninth. Here’s hopin’, at least.