It feels good to be back on the field this week.  And even though it was so hot out that my balls were sweating, the games were full of action.  Luckily, there’s nothing like a cold beer to take the edge off.

Here are my top picks for the week.

Shortest shorts: Miguel from Dirty Mike and the Bagels; ain’t nothing wrong with a little male bottom of the cheek action

Best Facial Hair: Ben from Asteroid Head; who wouldn’t want to take that mustache ride?

Cutest dog: Sissy, the Weimaraner/Great Dane mix

Best emsemble: Clint from Cork Suckers; thank you for sharing with us all, its been a while since we’ve seen that much nipple at GOTW

Best Sportsmanship: the great back up displayed by outfielders and infielders alike, including but not limited to, Asteroid Head v. Bagels, Liberty Hall v. Abraxas, and GOTW; way to go guys for showing what being a teammate is all about

Least Sportsmanship: the gnarly throw by Ariel of Cork Suckers against his pitching nemesis on The Rockets; you got her out, but come on, its supposed to be a friendly game

Big shout out to the Cork Suckers for providing some delicious O’Dell IPA. Its so much easier to forget how much your butt hurts from sitting on concrete when you’re sipping on a delicious beverage.  The Bomb Pops from The Rockets didn’t hurt either.  And a job will done by Lindsay Lou who sang the Star Spangled Banner.  Both teams continuing the tradition of making GOTW so special.

A double play made at 3rd by the  Cork Suckers’ pitcher was definitely a highlight of the game. As well as an excellently placed kick in the 7th inning by James Finley that led to bases full and a follow up kick scored 2 runs.   There were more pitches thrown in this game than I’ve ever seen in a GOTW, making it a battle on the mound to see who could get the other team to pop up or foul out .  The Cork Suckers put in a valiant effort, but the Rockets pulled ahead, winning  14-4.