Week 7, here we come…

After a full week of mind numbing proposals and RPI blather, I’m again ready to talk about kickball games.  No offense, Coug.  Speaking of, did any of you get a chance to listen to us on KJHK last Friday night (8 p.m.)?  I meant to record the interview and podcast the resulting chatter on this site, but failed….miserably.  If any of you happen to have a recording (what are the chances?), I’d love a copy.

This last weekend presented several match ups that had all sorts of league ramifications (rankings, standings, status, and etc.) with Eldridge, Screamers, and Jazzhaus holding serve.  How about those undefeated teams, eh?  This is definitely a good sign of overall league health.  Guess I’ll have to rethink my gloom and doom stances.  With the exceptions of Sun Creations and Eastsiders, the big 4 is beginning to crack.  Jayhawk Guttering and Love Garden are both playing poorly.   Times….they may be a changin’….

Remaining schedules: Eldridge has Liberty Hall, Dead Cats, Girls w/L.S.E., and Rangelife Records*.  The Screamers have Weaver’s, Blue Collar, Brew Ballers, and Sun Creations*.  Jazzhaus has Slowride, Moustaches, Eastsiders, and Weavers*.  The asterisks (*) are week 2’s games we will play on August 10th.  With their big WSB Division games won (including yesterday’s win over Love Garden), I would guess that Eldridge has the best chance to go undefeated and are in sole possession of 1st place.  Go ‘dridge!  Jazzhaus won a close one with Yellow Sub which is a nice win.  The Screamers won despite having to use the emergency play act (check the KVKL rules if you’re curious) over a 4-1 Teller’s squad……impressive.  All of these teams should end the season in the top five and have no more than one loss, barring some upsets.  As the season goes, almost all KVKL teams get better….so it won’t be easy for any of them.

Drool games:  (Week 9) Jazzhaus @ Eastsiders and (Week 10) Sun Creations @ Screamers

By the way, if you haven’t read proctopus’ fine post in the forum countdown on team’s with “0”s in their record…….please do.  I, for one, feel fortunate to read such insightful material.  Thanks Adrian!  So, to honor his post I’m going to rank a top 7 and a bottom 8 for my 15 this week.  Please rank any way you choose (nicely done Adam!).