Week 7 Preview

The final week of division play is already here.  Teams get one final test before they are pooled up to compete against each other and test their skills against similarly ranked opponents.  I always like to use this week to straighten out all of the kinks up to this point in the season.

Luckily for us, we’ve already wrapped up our seeding so the outcome of our game doesn’t determine our fate.  For a majority of the league, a win or loss today will establish whether the competition over the next few weeks is a bit stiffer or a bit more lax.  Depending on the team, the level of competition for pool play can hurt you or help you.

Games to watch

Wildman Attack Force @ Sacred Sword, Game of the Week, 9:00 Hobbs Field

I like to think I know a thing or two about kickball, but honestly I have no clue how this game will play out.  The strategies for each team are polar opposite and whoever settles down and plays their game should come out victorious in this match-up featuring a lot of kickball veterans.  The real question for me is, will they have their heads in the game or will they be focused on pleasing the masses?  The atmosphere at Hobbs should make for an interesting game.

Goats @ Love Garden, 5:30 Lyons East

Goats and Squids.  Not the most aesthetically pleasing animals in the animal kingdoms, but when it comes to kickball these are two heavy hitters. If Love Garden comes away with a win they strut into pool play unscathed.  If the Goats win, there are so many scenarios to shake up the division it’ll make your head spin.  They have the fresh taste of defeat in their mouths from a week ago and are looking to right the ship.  I’ll be there to see this kickball slugfest.

Slowride @ Barracudas, 7:00 Broken Arrow

Slowride showed why they are one of the better teams in the KVKL a week ago during their GOTW.  They have a lot to prove and will be fired up to take on our undefeated squad.  I’d like to say it will be a defensive battle, but Slowride put on quite a kicking clinic last week.  They’ll bomb away and we’ll try to keep their heads spinning with our typical battery of Barracuda base runners.  I hope our automatic 1 seed doesn’t cloud our minds.  May the best team win.

We like to pretend we look this smooth running the bases.  If you can moonwalk, try super moonwalking…


Tie Breakers:

Free State @ West Coast, 7:00 Lyons East

Both teams currently sit at 3-3.  The winner takes the 4 seed and ends division play with a winning record, the loser drops to the 5 seed and has to settle for sub .500 kickball through division play.

Rockets @ Ghosts, 5:30 Broken Arrow

The sitting commissioner squares off against the previous commissioner with both teams coming in at 1-5.  The game will determine who will be the 6 seed and who will drop to the 7 seed.


  1. Sacred Sword > Wildman Attack Force (9-6)
  2. Love Garden > Goats
  3. Barracudas > Slowride
  4. Red Lyon > Shaolin Shadowboxers
  5. Das Boot > Liberty Hall
  6. Screamers > Dirty Mike & The Boyz
  7. Hurtz Donut > Asteroid Head
  8. Rockets > Ghosts
  9. Brewballers > Gang Green
  10. Free State > West Coast
  11. Party > Balls Deep
  12. Tellerdactyls > Bald Beavers
  13. Channel 6 > Jazzhaus
  14. Corksuckers > Harper Valley PTA
  15. Matadores > Spacepussy