WEEK 8: Liz’s Post

It was another scorcher out there yesterday.  There is no way to get around Kansas humidity.  This was the first week of pool play, matching teams with similar win/loss records.  Hope everyone is excited about tournament time, because its right around the corner!

This week’s best:

Shortest Shorts: Carolyn from the Love Garden; Oww-oww!

Cutest Dog: Paco the Chihuahau; he wanted my sandwich so bad and he was cute enough I almost gave it to him

Best Ensemble: Paul “Hulk” Santos; proving yet again what a stud muffin you really are;  Honorable mention goes to Betsy Hatch again this week- I’ve never seen a floral unitard look so good

Best Sportsmanship: Peter from the Harpies; thanks for reffing our game in the stale, hot ass weather, you kept your cool even when the dick switch got flipped, now I just have to figure out how to actually turn it on and off… WINK!

Least Sportsmanship: that one Goat player who lost his cool over a questionable call at 2nd; we all know the stakes are high, but cool your jets

If you missed GOTW last night, you missed some amazing kickball.  Under the lights is where teams rise to the occasion and play their best.  With some steller defense, Los Matadores pulled out a tough but will deserved victory, winning 10-5 over the Goats.  Both teams fought for every inch they got, using the skills of their veteran players for some crafty base running and well placed kicks.  Neither team should be taken lightly but Los Matadores are proving to be the team to watch out for.  I know I’m looking forward to seeing how they do in the tournament, especially if Paul continues to sport that golden mustache and chain.