Week 9… According to Liz

68 degrees outside during a Kansas summer, I’ll take it! I don’t even mind the light drizzle. Yesterday was a great day for kickball, even with the rain. Luckily the weather held off until after the games were over.

The day started with a great match up of Love Garden Squids vs. Los Matadores. This game was re-scheduled for this week in lieu of playing next week. While Los came out strong in the beginning, the Squids pulled it out in the end. I think both teams will be happy to have a rest week, as they left it all out on the field; then they went and played another game. This pool is proving to be the one to watch. They’re hungry!!

Picks for Weeks Best!!

Cutest dog: Finch the Great Dane; so glad she got to sit with me on the bleachers

Best Facial Hair: the cuties from Afterparty!!; matching beards must be a team requirement

Shortest Shorts: Rachna Patel of Chalmersiz; I guess technically it was a skirt, but still, it’s the principle…

Best Ensemble: it’s a solid tie between Hannah of Abraxas and Betsy, also of Chalmersiz; Hannah was rocking some metallic gold pants, or were they leggings, and do they come in my size? Betsy had a highlighter inspired outfit, we know we could spot you in the dark!

(Those Chalmersizzzzzezzz got some style)

Best Sportsmanship: Dustin from Brew Ballers—thanks for the scorekeeping help and providing cups for the jello shots at GOTW; and thanks to all the refs who stood in the rain—the games wouldn’t be possible without you

GOTW pitted the Brew Ballers against the Ghosts. Both teams looking to get a much needed victory and improve their ranking in pool play, they were hungry for the win. An aggressive start by the Ghosts was quickly answered by the Ballers, thanks to some quick base runners and well place bunts. Normally I’m not a fan, but if you can do it, why not show off at GOTW? Ultimately the Ghosts pulled it out 9-3, thanks in part to a smart double play at 2nd by Landon and the solid playing of the Ghost women.