Week 9 Preview

Sporting events are often cancelled due to inclement weather: rain, snow, lightning, gale force winds, etc., but are they ever cancelled because of extreme heat?  I feel a bit sorry for those of you who have to play at 5:30.  It’s going to be a brutal, sweltering mess out there today.  If it hasn’t stopped us before it shouldn’t stop us now.  Everyone needs to be sure to drink plenty of fluids all day long and be sure to keep on drinking them as you sweat your asses off on the diamonds today.  Das Boot is offering free coconut water suppositories as a GOTW favor for anyone interested.  Just get in touch with Das Brad and he’ll administer the goods.

Once again there are a slew of great matchups this week; top to bottom.  It seems like everyone has fun this time of year because even the teams with very few wins on the season get a chance to play equal competition, elevating the intensity levels a bit, even if the dramatic antics are all good-natured.


Barracudas @ Pita Pit, 7:00 PM Hobbs

The last two undefeated teams square off to determine who will stand with the sole unblemished record.  This game could go a lot of different ways, but any way I look at it looks like a 50/50 toss-up.  Of course, it’s a bit difficult for me to give an objective outlook as a participant.  Whoever can limit the mistakes the best wins.

Wildman Attack Force @ Love Garden, 5:30 Holcom Gold

Love Garden might have fallen to the second pool this season, but the competition is nearly just as strong, an homage to the strength of the teams in our league nowadays.  I expect business as usual for Chris Ford and the squids.  I’m willing to bet they took an extra hour in the film room this week too preparing to play an unknown opponent.

Wildman will try to get a signature win against one of the big guns in the KVKL and they have the fire power to do it.  It’s all a matter of which team shows up to play.  This one has the potential to go down to the wire, but if Wildman gets rattled they may get a bit embarrassed.

Screamers @ Red Lyon, 5:30 Broken Arrow

Whether they know it or not these two teams are built and play very similarly.  If and when their players show up they are two of the better teams in the league; built on smart kicking and quick, aggressive base running.  They also both play a male (captain) at pitcher, a dying art form in the KVKL.  Hopefully for everyone involved all the players show up and it’s a good, fun-filled kickball game.

Harper Valley PTA @ Spacepussy, 7:00 Holcom Left

A clash of the fun-loving masters of Sunday Funday.  I personally wish this game could be rescheduled so everyone could witness this one playing out.  I imagine there will be nonstop hootin’ and hollerin’ and maybe even a hootenanny or three.  The only real concern I see is whether or not the game will be completed before the sun goes down.  If not, no big deal.  Just pull up the vehicles and throw on the high beams.

One of these teams will emerge with a two game win streak and a comfortable position in the driver’s seat of Pool 8.  The over/under on this one has to be about 32 runs.  Here’s to hoping for a bottom 9, two out play at the plate to decide the winner.




GOTW: Das Boot > Goats (8-5)

Pool 1

Pita Pit > Barracudas

Pool 2

Love Garden > Wildman Attack Force

Chalmersiz > Hurtz Donut

Pool 3

Los Matadores > Shaolin Shadowboxers

Party > Slowride

Pool 4

Red Lyon > Screamers

Sacred Sword > Free State

Pool 5

West Coast > Liberty Hall

Corksuckers > Asteroid Head

Pool 6

The Rockets > Balls Deep

Channel 6 > Gang Green

Pool 7

Dirty Mike & the Boyz > Tellerdactyls

Brewballers > Ghosts

Pool 8

Spacepussy > Harper Valley

Jazzhaus > Bald Beavers

***Home Team in Bold***