Week 9 Statistics, or: Fun with Spreadsheets

I went ahead and went a little further with my current spreadsheet, allowing me (and you) to see all the ways in which the teams this season have fared. The four variables by which I’ve ranked the teams are Runs Scored, Runs Allowed, Point Differential (a.k.a. Spread), and Win %

I then averaged those four “ranks” and averaged them to get a cumulative rank based on other ranks. This is a way to see how well teams do overall, as opposed to just offensively or defensively.

The most peculiar stat, here, is AsteroidHEAD. As a team, it is ranked 22nd across the board, in every single stat. I don’t know how, but props, AsteroidHEAD. And Red Lyon managed to be ranked 8th all the way through, too. Space Pussy at 32 isn’t all that surprising.

So, hey, it’s something to look at for the time being.