For the past three years during the hottest time in July, the KVKL takes a week to highlight and celebrate the ladies of kickball. Being a former NCAA division one athlete in my youth, rarely did it cross my mind that women might not be as good as men in sports. When I began a decade ago in the league, I watched women seem scared of the ball, not having the confidence offensively or defensively to hold their own on the field. Then I saw Abby Dotson play. This infamous Spacepussy babe weekly kicked balls over dude’s heads, she knew how to slide and could throw a ball from third to first. This was the player I wanted to be. As the league has gotten more competitive so have the ladies in the league. With most teams only playing three women, you have to be the best week in and week out. I can’t begin to tell you how proud I am of the women in our league. Our positive level of competitiveness and support for our teams and one another is unsurpassed. Most of my closest female friends come from the KVKL these days. I can’t imagine my life without most of these women. Thank you for this family of hard working, hard playing support system I call the laideez of the kvkl. This weeks Sunday in the Park is dedicated to that best thirty percent.

 ROCKETS AT CHANNEL 6 – LYONS WEST – 5pm – Everyone at GOTW took notice two weeks ago when the women of the Toe Pokes pretty much dominated. All I heard in the stands was “you gonna go talk to her.” As team captains from around the league wondered if Cheyenne or Caroline would be up for grabs next season. We all know how good Sarah Riley is, even with full knee brace this star gets on base all the time, every time. Another great addition to the Rockets is newbie Elise Monaco who also is turning into a solid get on base player. The Toepokes might have the pure natural athleticism but the rockets have the experience. Rockets by 2.

BULLETPROOF TIGERS AT BREWBALLERS – LYONS WEST 7pm – Yesterday’s girl on girl action clinic was hosted by Lawrences own all female gym Body Boutique. Thank you Red (Kristina) for your commitment to ladies health in the league, our t-shirts rule. As do you. Keep tracking those balls. Andrea Chavez, the sassy catcher from Weavers Beavers has joined Cougars team, the Tigers. This game is a battle for victory (since I don’t know if cougar calls the rain win a true victory.) Brewballers by 3.

BASIL RIDE AT MURDA INC – 5pmLYONS EAST – Our league would not run without the unwavering behind the scenes actions of Erin Adams. Not only does she volunteer epic amounts of hours to the league she has one of the best bunts in the league. One of my new fave (and most improved playas) in the league is Alexis C. You are just a sponge for learning the art of kickball and it shows in your play! Murda Inc on the ladies side has always been lead by pitcher Manda Jolly. Although most of her time is spent running the Roost and raising her daughter, she’s always a threat in the outfield. This is a very evenly matched game but I’m going to say Murda is the case by two over the ride.

LOS MATADORES AT WILDMAN ATTACK FORCE – 7PM LYONS EAST – This week almost every game at Lyons is a must see kinda show. We all know THEE ABBY VESTAL and her dominance at first base. Yet Betsy Pederson has quickly ran up the ranks as a top player in this league. Anyone that dives and rolls for balls is my kind of player. For the Los Mats they have long time player and quick runner Amber along with new player Obie to spice up the game. This matchup is all about speed, whoever can get from first to third the most is going to get the runs. Wildman by three.

TACO TUESDAY AT WHERE’S MY PITCHES – 5PM HOLCOM RIGHT – Another battle for a victory match up. Lead off Kicker Amari for where’s my pitches are fierce on offense and knows smart running across the bases. I write about her every week, but that is only because Chelsey Scanland and her sassiness will pitch her way to a victory? If Where’s my Pitches has their full team in play I think they have it by just a few.

UP TO ELEVEN LATE FEES AT MERCHANTS OF DEATH – 7PM HOLCOM RIGHT – Val Robyn and Meischer I love you all. Thanks for letting me play sports with you every Sunday. My favorite Merchants of death babe is Aubrey Morris. She’s always smiling even as she kicks a line drive at your face. The fees are going to dance our way to a victory by one (because high scoring is just not who we are).

GOATS AT LOVE GARDEN SQUIDS – HOLCOM LEFT -5PM – Sara Rock is my hero. Wife of the commish, best dressed kid in town, and amazing kickball player. You know exactly where to place that ball to make sure your team scores runs. Lauren Pearce and her perfect bunt always knows where to be at second base and she can score. Pretty sure her strawberry mane (quite unicorn like actually) is what gets her on base so quick. The Ladies of the squids are by far always some of the best players in the league. We all miss Sarah Millers spunk on the field, but Ann and Liz Shafer are filling in Millers’ place quite nicely. Caroline McKenna will always be one of my favorite players. She is intense in a really good way. Although I heard she has an injury this week. Goats got nothing to lose this week, which should make for a very intense game, but I think the Squids want their #1 seed back and are going to win by four.

CHALMERSIZ AT HAPPY SHIRT – 7PM HOLCOM LEFT – Rachna Betsy Brittany. Brianne Kayla Nic. Six of the best. Go watch this game and learn from these brickhouse ladies of the league. Gotta go with Happy Shirt but only by one.

GHOSTS AT FREE STATE GROWLERS – 5pm HOLCOM RED – Ghost have yet to get a victory, could this be your day? Diana Garcia got the pitching moves, but so does Lesli Smith for the growlers. It’s the battle for 7th and Mass St. If Katie Keating is back at 100% and Aimee Schalles boots it like she did at the clinic last night, I think the Ghosts could get their first victory.

SCREAMERS AT KUNT PUNTS – 7pm HOLCOM RED – Screamers win for best handwriting of their score sheets! The ladies of the screamers (erin/ taylor) have stepped up both on and off the field for the KVKL this season. The Kunt Punts have the wiley Dee and Jana. They both might be small but they know where to kick to advance those runners. Another solid matchup this week, I am going with the Kunts but really a screaming kunt is all that I really want out of this game today. Kunt Punts by four.

Space Pussy at AsteroidHEAD – 5PM HOLCOM GOLD – Even before the ladies clinic started Kristen C-S had purchased her shirt and koozie! Her positive spirit and love of the league is how we all need to be in the league. Pitcher Shannon has been a pussy for years, but originally came up through the league with Miss Fortunes. Catlin Dix on asteroidhead will always be one of my favorite players because she has the best handshake in the league. The Kan-bucha will be fueled to victory.

RATS AT DAS BOOT – HOLCOM GOLD – 7pm Kylie Palermo is one of the quietest stars when it comes to women in the KVKL. She kicks the strongest line drives but also dominates it at shortstop.   Caitlin is one of their most versatile players for Das Boot, playing pitcher, first base, rover and is super solid every position she plays. The ladies on the Rats know exactly where to kick it to advance runners which always an important part of being a team player. Lisa Bloomquist on their team is a solid scorer for the Rats. If Das Boot can control the bunting speed of the Rats the whole game they should prove victorious.

BAD NEWS BAGELS AT HOTEL LOBBY – 5pm HOLCOM BLUE – Both of these teams have fully broken into the top ten. For the Bagels much of that charge comes from Emma Lumpe. She’s just pure full on bad ass one of the few women in the league who can throw a rocket ball from third to first. Hotel Lobby we all saw the ninja moves of Rachel at GOTW, but hey did you also notice Clare? The ladies on Hotel Lobby got it going on! Lobby by four.

HARPER VALLEY PTA AT JAZZHAUS – 7PM HOLCOM BLUE – My favorite team of moms. Lane Christine Staci your children are the next generation of athletes for the KVKL. Tanya McNeely thank you for still playing in the league so I don’t have the title of oldest in the league. Maddy you have been doing a great job finding the gaps with your kicks. Keep it up. Jazzhaus by seven.

SACRED SWORD AT RED LYON – HOBBS 7PM – Another sweet babe battle at Hobbs this week. Amber Lord Owens is one of the fastest women in the league, add in Mary, Anna and Janeal and you have both experience and athleticism spewing from the sword. Red Lyon, Shauna and Sara Weisel. You ladies know how to take it to the limit. Aggressive kicks and even better base running. This game is going to be so close if the Lyon can find their Zen-place the game is theirs.

HURTZ DONUT D-HOLES AT TERREBONNE PO’BOYS – GAME OF THE WEEK 9PM HOBBS – Huge hugs and thanks to Arie Auxter and all her organizational skills with the Ladies Clinic yesterday. You play sports like you live your life, by dominating. You help me to be a better player in our sport every time we play together. Speaking of dominance, the other ladies on your team aint too shabby either. Megan B-H has a golden foot with ball placement, Mo don’t drop any balls in the outfield and Lunde thank you for being fast and keeping Bickel in line. The Po’Boys captains know they ain’t a winning team without having some of the top women in the league. Nicole is dirty and fierce, Hannah B not a day goes by when I don’t wish I could rock your silver sparkle shorts. Add in the vivacious Cathe Decena and you have three women who know how to win. The D-Holes are looking to give the Po’Boys their first loss, but we all know the Po’Boys don’t get phased by the lights at Hobbs they thrive. Po’Boys by two.